Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I couldn’t believe that February is almost over and I can’t believe that I waited this long to write this post. February holds a very special place in my life. It translates a significant life event, a goodbye, a major life transition, a celebration of love and much more.
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For one, my life forever changed 9 years ago. Back on February 8th of 2004, I tied the knot with the man I love. The man who traveled over 30,000 miles from another side of the earth back and forth…back and forth for two years until the day we joined hands in marriage. We have been physically together ever since.
This year marks our 9th year together as husband and wife. Life is not always as smooth and dreamy. We have gone through the highest and lowest points in our marriage. There are tears…frustrations…fears….laughters… happiness and disappointment along our road. Day by day, our relationship has matured and grown into something much more meaningful than the early days we met. It is not the most exciting feeling like having butterflies in your stomach but it is rather a calm..relaxing..comforting and assuring feeling knowing that you have this person by your side as your lifetime friend.
Secondly, February 12th of the same year remarked another significant transition in my life. It was the day I left my family and my home country. I can never forget those feelings. The night before my departure to the US, a group of my girlfriends got together and came by the house to give me a farewell goodbye. All suitcases were packed and ready to go. Everyone pretended or at least tried to make it a fun time despite the fact that everyone one was hiding their tears. I asked that no one said goodbye but rather used a “see you again soon” phase as it sounded much more positive and comforting. We ended that night with no tears. The next morning my family and close relatives took my husband, his parents and me to the airport.
It was very hard to hold those tears and emotions inside but it would be best not to show them. However, I could not help and end up bursting into tears when I hugged my dad..my mom and my brothers. My voice was constantly shaking while I tried to speak. My mom began to weep. It was heartbreaking. I remember crying all my way to board an airplane. When the plane took off, I bursted into tears once more thinking that this was going to be a trip of a lifetime. It was time to say goodbye to my motherland and everything I had and knew. It is not an exciting feeling as you are going for vacation but it is rather depressing and scary for the fact that that you are leaving your country to live in a land of unknown and a future that is unforeseen.
February 2004, I began my new life and new role in a new country. Depression, home sick and culture shock – you name it. I have experienced it all and beyond in my early years. Over years I have grown to be more responsible and learn to be a real adult when I live far away from my parents. It is not easy but it has to be done.
Fast forward to now, nine years later, I often think about how far I have come when February rolls around year after year. I questioned myself where would I be if I didn’t meet my husband…where would I be if we didn’t get married..what would I do…and more. Everything happens for a reason and it really is up to us to grab that chance or let it go. Life is really full of surprises and you just never know where life will take you. This February, I start a new journey to follow my passion. Not that I intentionally chose this month but the timing was right and I felt I was ready to embark a journey. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring is in the air~*

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Soon enough the cold winter days will be gone and leave us with the lovely and warm days. Flowers will blossom and dance under the sun..wild animals will come out to play. Soon enough I will have to pack my winter clothes, my favorite boots and say a farewell goodbye. To celebrate the last bit of Winter and to welcome Spring, I wanted to combine symbols which represent both seasons - (faux) fur/boots and floral top.
Good-bye Winter and Hello Spring~*
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Craving for Zong Zi

Chinese New Year is near and a Chinese in me is screaming and craving for this particular Chinese dish. Although this food is not meant for CNY, it is traditionally prepared and eaten in May during the Dragon Boat festival or Duanw. May just doesnt come soon enough for me. I want it NOW. Just like how you cant wait for Thanksgiving to eat Turkey/pumpkin pie.

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The thought of making this dish was not even in my head when i had a luxury of having food readily available for purchase during the sweet time i lived back home in Bangkok. All you have to do is to step outside your house and have money in your pocket, that's all you really need to survive. However, that kind of luxury is not here while living far away. I gotta do something!!

A while back i was elated when i spotted Zong Zi at a Dim Sum place in Chinatown only to be highly disappointed because it was nothing close to what i grew up eating. I later did a research and found out that it is prepared and cooked slightly different from region to region. The recipe that Thai-Chinese make in Thailand is fully loaded with yummy goodness such as taro, chestnuts, salted egg, marinated pork, peanut, dried shrimp, shiitake mushroom and then some plus glutinous rice in contrast to a plain rice with some pork that i ate at the Dim Sum place.

Then i remember when my parents came over to visit several years ago, my mom showed me an easy version of this Bacang (thats what we call in Thailand). It was not too intimidating as she skipped a wrapping part with leaves which can be REALLY time consuming and daunting to say least least since i have never dobe one in my life. The final result was delightfully tasted. Last weekend i gathered most ingredients i could possibly find at Asian grocery store and local American grocery store and made it. I am now happy and my belly is satisfied.