Friday, April 25, 2014

I Hate Sewing Series: Into the Turquoise Long Skirt

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Project # 4: Full Gathered Maxi Skirt

Found this beautiful Japanese Crepe Satin fabric on sale at the store for 9.99 per yard and thought I could try and make a simple skirt out of it. The worst case scenario if it didn't work out, I wouldn't regret due to its low cost. This fabric has a rich turquoise tone which is difficult to capture by a camera and a glossy surface just like what you expect from satin fabric type. It looks more dressy t but what the heck. I made a wide waistband, gathered skirt and added zipper to the back. I still have to practice sewing and attaching more zippers.

So this skirt comes under $10 plus 30 minutes of my own labor, what a deal! Making your own clothes are fun and can be cost saving at times. I wouldn't say it is always cheaper to sew your own because some fabrics can be quite expensive and some complicated outfits are very labor intensive.   It is sometimes cheaper to buy at H&M or Forever 21. I tend to buy whatever fabric that is on sale because I am new to sewing and would hate to buy at full price just to waste both money and materials. So far I have enjoyed this new hobby though.

Last night I made another mid length pleated skirt for myself,  I am very excited to share next week. 

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hey Beautiful!

Come and see what flowers are blooming in my backyard.
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These clovers are so pretty.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Farm Fresh} Strawberry With Love

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A week ago my five year old little girl went to a field trip with her daycare. Guess where they went? A strawberry farm. That afternoon she came home with a bucket full of handpicked strawberries. On top of that we also had strawberries which my husband brought from grocery store so we ended up with too many strawberries around here. 

 That's when the idea of pie making came to my mind. I always use the same basic ingredients for all my other fruit pie. Just some sugar, tapioca flour, butter, egg white to brush the top of a pie crust and pie crusts.

 It was quite delicious.
(Thank you everyone for your kind comment on the Easter dress, now I am all fired up to make another one. Cant wait to share.)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Hate Sewing Series: A Happily Ever After Easter Dress

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The sound of a sewing machine is still going loud and clear from my dinning table. Yes you read it right, I have been using a formal dining table to do all of my sewing projects due to its extra large surface. We probably use that dinning table once a year so might as well put it to a good use.

And yes I am sewing more pieces (for those who are new and wonder why I hate sewing but still sew: read here). In the past week, I spent a little bit of time each night here and there making a new dress for my little girl. I opened a bag of fabrics I bought weeks ago and found this adorable print: rainbows, castle, horse and carriage. A few ideas came to my mind, I didn't know exactly how I wanted the final look to be but I knew I wanted to challenge myself to a much more complicated dress rather than a straight/pillow dress I previously made. 

So this dress must have:
1) Pleats
2) Ruffles
3) Buttons
4) Lining
5)  I didn't want to buy a pattern (for some reason I don't like working with any pattern). 
Challenging much??!?!?
 I was not quite sure whether I could accomplish this project or not, only one way to find out - I must do it. I grabbed several dresses from my little girl's closet and closely examine them piece by piece, seam by seam and the rest was my "guess" work. I have to say that after finishing my first two projects, I gained more hands on experience as well as confidence. I thought more logically, what piece to start first and so on.
I probably spent roughly 6-8 hours total making this dress (a few hours per night). Since I didn't use any pattern, it did take much longer time to figure out the shape/size and of course I ended up wasting more fabric by trial and error in order to get exactly what I needed. A few errors occurred but I quickly learned and fixed them.

 I couldn't tell you the sense of accomplishment when that last stitch was completed and when I slipped it on my little girl. It was the BEST feeling in the world to see how this dress fit her body. From someone who had absolutely 0 interest in sewing to going to just two sewing classes and to be able to make this dress, I gave myself several pats on my back. 

Mission Possible!! I finished this sun dress in time for my little girl to wear on Easter.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014