Tuesday, May 27, 2014

As of late....

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Buying new fabrics....
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Putting that sewing machine to work...

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Making flower arrangements....

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Enjoying lovely little things....

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Growing veggies....
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Eating chocolate in every form...
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Applying colorful lipsticks....
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Driving the cats nut...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Hate Sewing: Summer Japanese Dolls Dress


Don't let the blog title mislead you. No I didn't make a Kimono or anything in that intricate nature at this point. When I found this 100% cotton fabric at the store, I definitely wanted it. Those little Japanese dolls on the print are just so adorable I thought I would make a dress out of it.

 photo j1_zps0d56d06b.jpg

I started this project at least a month ago but never got around to finish due to the lack of inspiration.  I started out with such excitement but lost my creative juice along the way. I was not sure how I want the dress to look like. My inspiration simply fell flat.

A month later I decided it was about time to pick up and close this project out. I wanted this dress to look more casual and relaxed than the Easter's dress I made earlier. That dress was a lot more structured and form fitting. For this one I went for a baggy, summery look. For the lace trimming, I cut out the lace part from my H&M skirt which I no longer wear. Worked out perfectly.

I Hate Sewing episode here
How it all started | Project # 1 | Project # 2 | Project # 3 | Project # 4

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Live..Laugh..Love & Sing

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Live like heaven is on earth......
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Sing as if no one can hear.......
 photo f3_zps8c65d9e4.jpg
Love like you have never been hurt.......
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Laugh like no one is listening........

Monday, May 19, 2014

Late (multiple) Bday Celebrations

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Late birthday celebration is quite a norm on this side of the family (on my side of the family = zero celebration, must be an Asian thing or just my family). I am usually not mind if not having one but I truly enjoy the good food and you have a really good excuse to eat a big fat piece of cake. We were due for three birthdays so the mother in law decided to do all three at once. Kudos to her for always making wonderful..out of this world yummy homemade meals. It was a beautiful day this weekend. Good weather, good food and good company, not to mention sweet surprises in the gift bags.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pink + Pink = Super Pink

Have you ever had a problem finding the right shade of lipstick? Of course the all look so beautiful on the shelf but not quite right on a person. That's exactly my case with these two lipsticks.

One shade is too bold and matte  yet another one is too pale and shimmery . How about layering two? Voila, I like this new shade much better.

NYX: Angel
CoverGirl: Sweetheart

I decided to name this look "A Kind & Sweet Mother Look"

 photo tt2_zpsa3e229d6.jpg photo tt1_zps334659d3.jpg
(Please excuse my "challenging" hair day, focus on the color of lipstick..hehe)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Hate Sewing: Hello Summer Skirt

 photo y2_zps6ae94de2.jpg

I haven't touched a sewing machine ever since returning from a Disney Boot Camp. Thank god I finished this skirt a few weeks in prior of that trip. I just love the print and colors of this cotton fabric so much when I laid my eyes on it at the store. Looking at the yellow, white, black, grey combo and those lovely flowers make this a fun fabric for Summer outfit creation. It must be so popular because I snatched the very last yard on the roll, wooo hooo!! 

 Then the big question was "what kind of skirt I should make? ". A pencil skirt came to mind first but I didn't think I would get too much wear out of it because it seemed to "formal". The print is just so cheerful, modern and fun then I thought a full midi skirt sounded ideal. However I didnt have enough fabric to make it full. So okay let just do a pleated skirt then. So a pleated skirt it is.


 I need your girls' expert fashion tip - what kind of top would look great with this floral print skirt?

I am thinking a plain white tank top.

   photo z3_zps2f3f1848.jpg photo y1_zpsbdf01518.jpg

Monday, May 12, 2014

"ME" Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of you hard working mother friends out there!

My Mother's Day is one of a kind. No breakfast in bed, no sleeping in late. Instead we woke up bright and early, then made Banana pancakes together.

 photo m1_zpsd45985d9.jpg

A little one and her dad offered an at home car was/care. They washed and waxed my car. One of the best gift of all.

 photo m2_zpsbf92b35d.jpg

I prepared special flower arrangements for the mother-in-law. Got beautiful red roses from our grocery store.

 photo m3_zps78a901a8.jpg

On our way to deliver the flowers

 photo m4_zpsf13453e7.jpg

We had such fancy lunch - Hot Dog!!

 photo m5_zps82c89e10.jpg

A dessert is being served by a very sweet waitress

 photo m6_zpse2099aab.jpg


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