Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Short & Curly

Life is like hair in my opinion. Sometimes you have to cut the part where split ends and damages occur. You look bad and feel bad carrying those damages which do no good. Cut the bad part and await healthy and fresh hair to grow sound like a good thing. I am going to welcome the year 2014 with a short hair and leave bad parts of my hair and some unpleasant life moments in 2013 behind. I am excited for what surprises life will present to me in 2014. Thank you my dear blogging friends: Kim of A Very Sweet Blog, Rowena of Rolala Loves, Jo of Jo's Jumbled Jadiniere, Yen of Diva In Me and Jane of Always with You for such wonderful companion in this blog world and to all of you who stumble upon this blog by chance. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leaving comments, wishing you all a wonderful 2014.
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pop of Red

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I absolutely love warm and sunny days in the winter. We are fortunate to still be able to enjoy the occasional warmth and beautiful days in December so let's embrace and take a full advantage of it. I couldn't imagine living in some other states like New York, Maine or those in the New England area where brutally cold weather is almost a norm. Although snow seems very pretty and much like winter wonderland, I am not sure that I like such cold temperature and not to mention the challenge of commuting. Let just say, I am going to stick to the south for as long as I can. The weather was nice enough last weekend to visit the park in a light sweater, a scarf and leggings. I've grown to love leggings more and more as how comfortable and versatile they are. More leggings, please.
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Christmas Rerun

Santa was gone and Christmas is already a history. I hope Santa didn't fail to leave you with sweet memories and special moments. Going back to work the day after Christmas was the very last thing I wanted to do, I was not thrilled but I managed to bring myself there. Just a few days from today, the year 2014 will soon peek and say hello no matter you are ready or not. Until then, I want to enjoy and treasure every bit of Christmas memories until the New Year countdown begins.
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Started out our Christmas morning at home with Steelcut oatmeal, Egg, Sausage & Fruits. Then opened presents at our house.
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Headed out to the in-laws to open more presents and stockings
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Cozy corner
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Cute Gingerbread decorations
 photo m5_zps7f98ed8a.jpg
Santa did bring presents!!
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Time to feed empty bellies, let's start with some greens.
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Shrimps, anyone?
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Side dishes: I fixed quinoa, Kale and sausage
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Japanese Cheesecake that I made the night before. It's so light and fluffy.
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Christmas cake made by mother-in-law, yum!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happiest Friday of All

For the life of me, I kept thinking today was Friday just to hit a reality that heck it was Thursday...one more day to goooooooo. Not sure if it's just me but it has been difficult to concentrate on work during this time of year when you are all jolly and holly. Being at work probably is the last thing people want to keep on their mind, right? Good news my wish (and perhaps your wish too) will come true because Friday soon arrives before we know it.

It is going to be the happiest Friday of all because I plan to take off work early to start my Christmas break. Having 5 days off may feel weird but I'll gladly take it and enjoy every second of it.

Merry Christmas to my dear blogger friends, hope you have lovely and memorable times with your loved ones. Be merry and safe.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Sunny Day in December

We have been blessed with many sunny days so far since this past weekend. Hence we took advantage of a beautiful day to soak up every last bit of the sun before another cold blast pays us a visit. I am going to miss day like this when January comes, there will not be that many sunny days at that time but rain and cloudy days. Yuck!! We went out to a small farm this weekend and played with beautiful horses (some of you may have known my obsession love with this animal by now). We had a fun time.
Christmas shopping is not quite done and no gifts have been wrapped, yet time is running out. Christmas is creeping in a little too fast and I am far from being "ready".
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