Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Sunny Day in December

We have been blessed with many sunny days so far since this past weekend. Hence we took advantage of a beautiful day to soak up every last bit of the sun before another cold blast pays us a visit. I am going to miss day like this when January comes, there will not be that many sunny days at that time but rain and cloudy days. Yuck!! We went out to a small farm this weekend and played with beautiful horses (some of you may have known my obsession love with this animal by now). We had a fun time.
Christmas shopping is not quite done and no gifts have been wrapped, yet time is running out. Christmas is creeping in a little too fast and I am far from being "ready".
 photo o10_zps770ed1af.jpg  photo o5_zpsb77c3754.jpg  photo o7_zps0782e0db.jpg  photo o1_zps5fb79dc2.jpg  photo o3_zps6d716878.jpg  photo o2_zps210c0b29.jpg  photo o6_zps8c021ec0.jpg  photo o4_zps1bd8875d.jpg  photo o8_zps367db169.jpg


  1. You are gorgeous! I love your little snapshots – especially of that little pony. ADORABLE.

  2. you look beautiful! and the horses are magnificent! lovely pictures!!

  3. It's you took a little family time in the midst of the holiday rush. Sometimes it's just what you need. Your sweet daughter looks like a natural on that horse and how pretty are you Nelah! Thanks for your lovely comment yesterday. I really appreciate your kindness and support and yes I'd be quite happy if nothing else was thrown at me.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Nelah, you look like a superstar doll! I love your glasses, earrings and coat. That blue underneath looks fabulous. What a beautiful place! I love the ornaments from the tree. Your daughter had a great time. HAHAHA So cute!


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