Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Christmas Rerun

Santa was gone and Christmas is already a history. I hope Santa didn't fail to leave you with sweet memories and special moments. Going back to work the day after Christmas was the very last thing I wanted to do, I was not thrilled but I managed to bring myself there. Just a few days from today, the year 2014 will soon peek and say hello no matter you are ready or not. Until then, I want to enjoy and treasure every bit of Christmas memories until the New Year countdown begins.
 photo m2_zps3d84afbe.jpg
Started out our Christmas morning at home with Steelcut oatmeal, Egg, Sausage & Fruits. Then opened presents at our house.
 photo m1_zps18c2f670.jpg
Headed out to the in-laws to open more presents and stockings
 photo m3_zpsbd12f6cf.jpg
Cozy corner
 photo m4_zpsf12803db.jpg
Cute Gingerbread decorations
 photo m5_zps7f98ed8a.jpg
Santa did bring presents!!
 photo m8_zps50a724c4.jpg
Time to feed empty bellies, let's start with some greens.
 photo m6_zps12e8619f.jpg
Shrimps, anyone?
 photo m7_zpsf1030e79.jpg
Side dishes: I fixed quinoa, Kale and sausage
 photo m9_zps0b96a1f2.jpg
 photo m10_zps99e6ec0d.jpg
Japanese Cheesecake that I made the night before. It's so light and fluffy.
 photo m11_zps2d99bb5f.jpg
Christmas cake made by mother-in-law, yum!!


  1. Great photos honey! Your Christmas meal definitely looks yummy :B And that last cake, omg! Is it vanilla? Looks so spongy!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season, and Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in this upcoming 2014 :)


    1. That cake is very good, its texture is very dense - kind of hard to describe. It has a slight hint of vanilla but not quite. I'll have to get the recipe from my mother in law because it is soooo good. Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Everything looks so delicious! Glad you had a wonderful xmas. I used to follow your previous blog, so glad I found your new blog. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you Engineeringfashionista for finding me here :) Hope you had a great one yourself.

  3. wonderful christmas! i was so sad when i woke up and it was the 26th! i still have the christmas tree and decorations up. just until this weekend. your japanese cheesecake looks so delicious. definitely putting that one on my baking to-do list!

  4. Nelah, I love love love your home! That's the way a home should be. So inviting. So comfortable, yet so elegant. It's a warm feeling! That's a home!!! I love your decorations. Going to work right after a holiday is the worse. HAHAHAHA Your mind is in holiday mode. It's hard getting out of it. Beautiful post doll!

  5. I wish I could join you at your Christmas party. I'm already indulging your foodie pics even without getting a chance to taste it =D
    As years gone by, time flew by so much faster. Sometimes I wish that there's a pause button but that's just wishful thinking. Like you said, just enjoy the moment while we can.


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