Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Flashback: Thanksgiving 2013

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Hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving recovered from the feast and the mega shopping spree during Black Friday and Cyber Monday by now. My wallet suffered alright over this weekend...ouch! Too much damages!!
 Year after year, I find that Thanksgiving always sneaks up on everyone. Time seems to fly by too fast right after Halloween and the next thing we know it is December. Just three weeks from now it will be Christmas again and I am no where close to be ready. Our Thanksgiving day was a truly beautiful day filled with warmth and sunshine, strangely too warm for November but no complaints from anyone. Surely a nice break from cold weather we have had here. I started the day cooking three different dishes to bring over (Cranberry bars, Pecan pie and Quinoa with kale, roasted sweet potatoes & cranberries). Now looking at these photos, I totally can't wait for the next year!
 photo t2_zpscf2bff42.jpg  photo t3_zps8009fae2.jpg  photo t4_zpsba54784b.jpg  photo t5_zps2b5fd6ac.jpg  photo t6_zps3951fcc2.jpg  photo t7_zps5e4915eb.jpg  photo t9_zps741f4563.jpg  photo t8_zps09b228f8.jpg  photo t10_zps5b313376.jpg


  1. wow. thanksgiving looks so delicious at your place! happy to hear it was a good one!

  2. lovely...

  3. yummy, yum, yum YUM! Nelah, if I could go through the computer screen! hahahaha i'm glad you had a great thanksgiving. it sounded nice. girl, i've bought so much stuff. i'm not buying anything else. lol. it's warm here too. right now i have on the air conditioner. however saturday it's turning COLD again. so get ready for it! it will probably reach you guys Friday.


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