Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Love what you do...do what you love

Dirt, the smell of horse poops, a pair of boots, jeans and saddle have become my new norm. The last two Sundays, the weather couldn't have been any more perfect. Warmer temperature, lots of sun made both weekends the perfect time to get out and have some fun. The 2nd and 3rd horse riding lessons continued, except that the hubby needed a break. After two lessons, He admitted he liked horses but not at the same level as my daughter and I so he just took the camera man spot and snapped photos of our adventure instead.
After the 2nd lesson though, I questioned myself if this was something I really wanted to do. Riding a horse for fun or on trail ride versus taking a formal lesson were completely different I realized. I didn't seem to be able to get my posture right. I was stiff just like a stick and was not natural the 2nd time around. While trying to wrap my brain around the whole proper posture/seating (aligning the hip, rib cage and shoulder) and controlling the horse at the same time, it was almost too much. On another thought, it is similar to driving a car (but not quite since this is an animal not an engine). Everything takes time and practice, just don't give up I told myself. I forced myself to continue with the 3rd lesson and to my amazement I did so much better this time around and had loads of fun.
So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my new hobby. Doing something as a family and being close to the animals that I love are a big plus.
 photo hr9_zpssw6vtuts.jpg  photo hr7_zpslxgafr1f.jpg  photo hr6_zpsp7fux7pk.jpg  photo hr5_zpsv73kerl4.jpg  photo hr1_zpse5x6j188.jpg  photo hr8_zpsiruenps7.jpg  photo hr3_zpsiwmendnq.jpg  photo hr2_zpso4oe6mhs.jpg  photo hr4_zpsrmly0gir.jpg

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Around here

It sure is getting extra cold and raining. That is something I am not so fond of about winter. Cold weather and rain combination makes it soooo difficult to get out of bed and head to the place called "work". I miss sunshine and sunny days. Rainy day only makes me feel groggy and extra lazy.
 photo a3_zps7wg3imki.jpg
Let's decorate! After taking down all the Christmas decorations, I realized how empty our house looked. I have always struggle when it comes to organizing my daughter's toys and stuffed animals. They are literally everywhere! So might as well use them as home décor, why not??
 photo a2_zpski0qo9re.jpg
Gotta love horse!
 photo a1_zpsrx5givzw.jpg
Something to remind myself everyday - "follow your heart"
 photo a4_zps4ovd8aoc.jpg
Someone is always in the same spot.
 photo a5_zps1vl55ft8.jpg
Surprisingly, my garden is not dead..just yet. The only patch of green remaining in my backyard are some wild flowers and herbs. I only hope they will thrive and make it through Spring so I don't have to start from zero again. These while little flowers smell exactly like honey. So sweet! I was thoroughly enjoyed growing those wild flowers last year.
   photo a9_zpsi3x7mtry.jpg
Parsley and rosemary
 photo a6_zpss9en3yk5.jpg
 photo a7_zpsvqbpk0fp.jpg
 photo a8_zpspemmg4ca.jpg

Friday, January 16, 2015

Party time!

Our little one recently turned 6! Time flies. I know I say this every year but parents know how fast time escapes us while we are busy trying to manage things in life. Every year when her birthday rolls around, I look at her and feel amazed how much she has grown.

I have always appreciated the idea of low-key, yet intimate and memorable birthday party with family members. It takes a lot of effort to prep the house and clean up work afterwards but hey it is just once a year, we can manage it (although my husband and I crashed after everyone left and slept like a rock that night...zzzzz).

Birthday brunch idea lit up in my crazy little head, I thought that sounded yummy and fun. Who would turn down the eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, orange juice and fruits by the way?? Those items are definitely the crowd pleaser. I whipped up my fluffy pancakes, they were quite a hit.

 photo fb7_zpsba4d1437.jpg
{I love the bright and happy yellow color, can you tell?!}
 photo fb5_zps4a84b451.jpg
{First let mommy take a selfie}
 photo fb13_zpsb5a3a6ca.jpg
Different shades of pink  photo fb3_zpse8712199.jpg
Handmade name tags  photo fb1_zps57e96516.jpg  photo fb4_zps530425e5.jpg
Table decoration  photo fb9_zps4fa57ddb.jpg
Drink and pancake station  photo fb12_zps5aa49b80.jpg
Highlight of the party - Food!!  photo fb8_zps506ffb2d.jpg
Elsa cake, of course  photo fb10_zps5c301f3b.jpg  photo fb11_zpsf2516295.jpg
More table décor

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Destress and ride a horse

One of my top goals in 2014 was to take a horseback riding lesson but of course that didn't happen. Therefore the first thing I did when the year 2015 began, I signed us up for the formal lessons and I was glad I did.

 photo o10_zps06e042b2.jpg

We went to the Equestrian Center which I recently discovered online. They have the MOST beautiful, healthiest, happiest horses I have ever seen. I know I sound like a crazy horse lady at this point but I LOVE these animals. They are big, strong yet very gentle, smart, curious and playful. The more I get to know them, the more I love them. Seriously, I would pay just to pet them. It is my way to destress and smile. Sound crazy I know!!

The lesson actually was interesting and informative. We took the fundamental class which taught us from brushing/grooming the horse, cleaning horse hoof, putting on the saddle and tack and general safety information. (Luckily, we didn't have to scoop poops..Eeeek!) Each of us got the private one on one lesson which was really nice. I got to ride a beautiful female white Arabian horse named "Sundae" (in the pic above). She was so fluffy for a horse. I felt a lot more confident now after being on approximately 5 different horses on trail ride after trail ride. I finally learned to take control of the horse instead of letting the horse does whatever it wants. And did I say trotting was so much fun, bouncy but fun! I am really looking forward to the next lesson. I am hoping to finish the four 75 min lessons after completing with these first fundamental lessons. My daughter's love for horse has continued to grow because of this crazy mama as well. Heeha!!!!

 photo o5_zps6a31ba32.jpg  photo o7_zps7703d821.jpg  photo o6_zps35bd1894.jpg  photo o9_zps9dda8831.jpg  photo o8_zpsbf072889.jpg

Friday, January 2, 2015

Back to sewing

I almost forgot about the new hobby I started last year which surprisingly turned to be something I actually enjoyed. Sewing that was. For several months last year, I had not touched the sewing machine due to the lack of time. Before I completely forgot how to thread the machine and the whole sewing lessons, I might as well do something. My interest in home décor was at its peak during the last quarter of the year. I love those accent pillows but some are just ridiculous expensive. If I could sew dresses and skirts then why couldn't I sew the simple pillowcases? The next day I headed to JoAnn and bought some pillows and fabric home with me and started sewing that night. I just loved the end result. It is incredibly easy and more reasonably priced (as long as the fabric for home improvement is on sale, they can get pricey). With the pillows that I have, I can sew and make new pillowcases as many as my heart desires. I would like to get back to do some more sewing in 2015 but will see how well I can stick with that goal .  photo w1_zpse5de429d.jpg  photo w2_zps727d1ace.jpg  photo w3_zpsa5e4c38d.jpg  photo a9_zps6d485d4f.jpg

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hooray to 2015

I had been wanted to come back to blogging for the longest time but life got in a way. The year 2014 was an interesting one. It had a mix of good and challenging/stressful times. Despite all the happenings, everything came to a happy ending at the closing of 2014 with a big sigh of relief. Since today was the first day of the new year, I was determined to make it happen. I have yet to stop blogging at this point but will pop my head up from time to time. Thanks to some of you who stick around with me through the year despite my MIA :)

In 2015, I am determined to add more fun to life as stresses took over for the most part of last year. There was one circumstance which totally opened up my eyes and made me realize how short our lives could be. I am still learning how to balance several things in life. Emotion wise, I need t be calmer in general. I need to learn to take a deep breath and be more positive about things in life. I also feel that I live in a very structured lifestyle. I create and stick with routine..routine.. and the same damn routine. I am too rigid, I need to relax and go with the flow. I rarely do things outside the box or the plan ever. Money wise, I am conservative when it comes to saving and I am afraid to spend but I realize people do die before they get to use their retirement money. It is okay to reward yourself and not get in a financial trouble. Worrying too much about future can take way the joy from the present. I want to get back to blogging and having my "me" time again. I think it will take awhile to be able to meet my goals but at least I am considered to be a work in progress.

Fun and joy are my keywords this year. What about yours?

 photo a4_zps9a57bacf.jpg  photo a3_zpsc98594f1.jpg  photo a2_zpse7fcad07.jpg  photo a10_zpsb102089c.jpg  photo a1_zpsb0988bfd.jpg  photo a5_zps1276401d.jpg  photo a6_zpsf94c48a0.jpg