Friday, January 16, 2015

Party time!

Our little one recently turned 6! Time flies. I know I say this every year but parents know how fast time escapes us while we are busy trying to manage things in life. Every year when her birthday rolls around, I look at her and feel amazed how much she has grown.

I have always appreciated the idea of low-key, yet intimate and memorable birthday party with family members. It takes a lot of effort to prep the house and clean up work afterwards but hey it is just once a year, we can manage it (although my husband and I crashed after everyone left and slept like a rock that night...zzzzz).

Birthday brunch idea lit up in my crazy little head, I thought that sounded yummy and fun. Who would turn down the eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, orange juice and fruits by the way?? Those items are definitely the crowd pleaser. I whipped up my fluffy pancakes, they were quite a hit.

 photo fb7_zpsba4d1437.jpg
{I love the bright and happy yellow color, can you tell?!}
 photo fb5_zps4a84b451.jpg
{First let mommy take a selfie}
 photo fb13_zpsb5a3a6ca.jpg
Different shades of pink  photo fb3_zpse8712199.jpg
Handmade name tags  photo fb1_zps57e96516.jpg  photo fb4_zps530425e5.jpg
Table decoration  photo fb9_zps4fa57ddb.jpg
Drink and pancake station  photo fb12_zps5aa49b80.jpg
Highlight of the party - Food!!  photo fb8_zps506ffb2d.jpg
Elsa cake, of course  photo fb10_zps5c301f3b.jpg  photo fb11_zpsf2516295.jpg
More table décor


  1. What a beautiful arrangement! I love the yellow theme and especially the Elsa cake :) Brunch is such a good idea; I love breakfast food.
    Time definitely flies. It seems long at times, but every time those birthdays roll around, I'm wondering what happened to that baby I brought home from the hospital.

  2. Nelah, this is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to your daughter! Isn't it amazing how time flies? What a wonderful celebration it was! I love the decorations, flowers and set up. The buffet of food looked so good! I love pancakes and sausage. The fruit looked so pretty! You did a fabulous job! I love her cake.

  3. First a very happy birthday to your sweet little girl. And wow! What a party, she is lucky to have you as her mommy. Birthday brunch is such a wonderful idea. I would so love to have fluffly pancakes for my birthday.

  4. Happy 6th birthday to your little girl! Great decorations and food! :)


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