Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The "Finer" Things in Life

The finer things have different meanings and interpretations for each individual but for most people the fine things usually refer to items of high to very high market value such as big houses, luxury vehicles, designer handbags/clothes/shoes and then some. Anything luxury is often classified under such finer things.
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However, I would like to look at life in a non-materialistic way as having people who love me, having someone to love and being in good health. Those are the things that really matter, something I have grown to understand more clearly as I grow older (and hopefully wiser). I want to have an enriched life without a constant urge to chase after items or things that only termporarily fulfill my "wants" and lack of true sentimental value.
Just like most ladies, at one point in life, I used to be that girl who wanted to have it all and constantly thought about ways to acquire expensive items to have in my posession. Be it designer handbags, shoes and luxury vehicle. An excitement of achieving one goal after another only fueled more "wants". I got caught up in  a game of illusion, luckily there was no debt to deal with afterwards. Then one day I realized, this was not the life I wanted to live. A funny thing was that I didn't even know whether I wanted those things just to have them or I really liked them. Those "finer" things  couldn't fulfill my emotional needs nor true happiness. Instead it created stress because the wants would never end but money was not unlimited. No amount of expensive handbags or shoes can bring me happiness. I turned around, stopped hunting and slowly changed the way I seeked happiness.
Of course, I still like the materialistic things, and eventually want to complete my dream collection, but those have to wait and are at the bottom of the list (it might be 10 years by the time I acquire them but that's okay). So that a journey to find a true happiness and peace will continue.
Enjoy simple things..be it smell the flowers, walk the dog, play with cats...
Smile at yourself in a mirror..
Savor comfort food....(in moderation, of course)
Watch your favorite TV shows....
Smile to a stranger....
Focus on the "now" moment rathan worrying about the unforeseen future....
Put on your favorite earrings....
Hug and tell those you love that you love them...
Laugh out loud....
The finer things are a happier soul..a healthier person....
Happiness, love and peace are right here.....within us....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Beauty of Winter

 photo w4-4_zps3cc50b04.jpg
It has been abnormally warm around here during the day for a week, but no I won't complain about a break from the cold weather. Fingers crossed for another week of loverly warm weather and lots of beautiful sunshine.
The weather was too pleasant, it made no sense to lock ourselves indoor all day long. Thus my little one and I went out to enjoy some sun and nature in our backyard. The birds were chirping...a squirrel came out to play. Almost all the plants and trees are dead from harsh cold weather in the past few weeks and never in a million year I would think such scene could look pretty and whimsicle until today. Every little thing around us has some sort of beauty in them if only we look with open minded and without judgement.
Stay warm and take care~**
   photo w3-4_zps54498cbf.jpg  photo w1-4_zps0ed394fb.jpg  photo s3-6_zps6d27ea92.jpg  photo w2-4_zpsaaf99efc.jpg  photo w5-4_zps593cea4b.jpg  photo w6-4_zps93a98bd6.jpg  photo w7-4_zpsbdc615d7.jpg  photo w9-3_zps4da73b07.jpg  photo w8-4_zps07aaf8bd.jpg

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birthday Love

Holiday after holiday...party after party...celebration after celebration, I have been busy playing with pots and pans in my kitchen non-stop since October!! Seriously, I start to run out of my "excitement" in the kitchen.
However, there was this one very special celebration I dedicated my heart and soul to, it was my little one's 4th birthday (already!!). Four years of countless life lessons, mistakes, new discoveries, excitement, love, tears, memories, laughters, blessings and everyhting one can ever imagine. It is the life I have never dreamt of but I never ever want it to be any other way.
I always like the idea of keeping birthday celebration simple and intimate between close family members, and make homemade food while enjoying the comfort of our own home. It is a great way to bring everyone together, plus save tons of money.
In the past three years, I bought cake from our favorite bakery but this year I challenged myself to homemade cupcakes. While surfing the web, I found two different recipes, vanilla and chocolate with two diffent frostings, and decided to make both (but we all agreed that vanilla cupcakes tasted better). I have yet to master the art of making cupcakes as they turned out to be too dense and heavy in contrast to light and fluffy texture. Maybe one day but for now I almost achieved the art of cupcake decoration (I guess).
   photo cp1-1_zpsfdd9e001.jpg  photo cp2-1_zps7780c110.jpg  photo cp3-1_zpsc3c0f5b5.jpg  photo cp4-1_zps85278cae.jpg  photo cp7-1_zps4a508f4f.jpg  photo cp8-1_zpsbc3c98ba.jpg  photo cp9-1_zps36951835.jpg  photo cp14_zpsf0a3af14.jpg

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello Sunshine: {Warm} Winter Day Makeup

The arrival of the sun brings "extra" joy and dose of happiness to me during cold and raniny winter days. As a person who was born and raised in a country where sunshine is abundant all year round, I couldn't imagine living at a place where Mr. Sun doesn't make his appearance at least 360 days (let just say I can only stand 5 cloudy days).
To celebrate a sunny warm day in the midst of harsh and yucky cold month, I thought I should paint my face and tested out a new toy. As a person who can't seem to keep up with any trend, I finally gave in and bought that famous Naked pallette last year. Only two years later, better late than never..right? And boy oh boy, it does live up to its hype!! The colors are highly pigmented compare to many other eyeshadows I have owned in my entire life (it is that impressive or what!?). It just makes me want to put extra effort into doing more make ups (yeah right). We shall see how long that effort will last.
Stay warm!!!
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dreamy Fluffy Clouds & Candy Cane


By now most of you probably have thought this is purely a food blog. Let me correct that real quick. It is not a food blog, my life just has been centered around food a bit too much as of late. I simply enjoy beautufying my food and taking photos. It has become somewhat a new favorite hobby of mine I suppose.

Fancy looking desserts do not always require tremendous effort or an all-day outing in a kitchen - really? Yes, really! With some creativity and imagination, you can whip up some decadent pieces of love in less than 10 minutes..okay if ten mintues sound too discouraging, how about five? These lovelies come in handy when you don't have a lot of time on your hand or simply feel lazy to whip up a dessert.
In my case I had people over for Christmas Eve dinner and I felt exhausted already after preparing main dish so any easy desserts would be much appreciated. I sat down and thought during my menu planning as what to do for desserts then came up with this idea to throw in vanilla honey greek yogurt, fruit and candy cane in cute paper cups. They were a hit! Amazingly, a little candy cane delivers such yummy flavor in yogurt. I also served these with S'mores. No brainer but guarantee everyone will love (Hello...who does not like S'mores???). This is a perfect, light and pretty desserts which leave you feeling light and guilt-free.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Pretty Little Things

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First purchase of the year - Shoes!!!
Just love these beauties. What can i say - it was love at first sight. I have a simiar pair in brown and had been searching high and low for a black pair. Last pair in store and in my size (5), must be my luck.
{INC International Concept Shoes}
Gotta love studs!! First studded item to welcome new year.
A statement necklace that is not too bold but wearable.
Pretty chandelier earrings - dainty little things
A vintage gold bracelet - Christmas gift
My bathtime indulgence

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

French Countryside Inspired DIY

Anything French-related never fail to make women's hearts flutter with joy and excitement. Be it Eiffle tower, Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe or eve those colorful and decadent little macarons.
Why not add something "French" to your home? I found these supplies on a whim during a trip to Micahel's (supply/craft store) last month. A tin was too cute to pass and the best part - it was on sale. It simply reminded me of a countryside in France. This DIY project total came just under $10 - I am happy as a clam.
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