Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birthday Love

Holiday after holiday...party after party...celebration after celebration, I have been busy playing with pots and pans in my kitchen non-stop since October!! Seriously, I start to run out of my "excitement" in the kitchen.
However, there was this one very special celebration I dedicated my heart and soul to, it was my little one's 4th birthday (already!!). Four years of countless life lessons, mistakes, new discoveries, excitement, love, tears, memories, laughters, blessings and everyhting one can ever imagine. It is the life I have never dreamt of but I never ever want it to be any other way.
I always like the idea of keeping birthday celebration simple and intimate between close family members, and make homemade food while enjoying the comfort of our own home. It is a great way to bring everyone together, plus save tons of money.
In the past three years, I bought cake from our favorite bakery but this year I challenged myself to homemade cupcakes. While surfing the web, I found two different recipes, vanilla and chocolate with two diffent frostings, and decided to make both (but we all agreed that vanilla cupcakes tasted better). I have yet to master the art of making cupcakes as they turned out to be too dense and heavy in contrast to light and fluffy texture. Maybe one day but for now I almost achieved the art of cupcake decoration (I guess).
   photo cp1-1_zpsfdd9e001.jpg  photo cp2-1_zps7780c110.jpg  photo cp3-1_zpsc3c0f5b5.jpg  photo cp4-1_zps85278cae.jpg  photo cp7-1_zps4a508f4f.jpg  photo cp8-1_zpsbc3c98ba.jpg  photo cp9-1_zps36951835.jpg  photo cp14_zpsf0a3af14.jpg


  1. Those cupcakes look beautiful! If you didn't say anything I would've thought they were store bought. You're such a wonderfully dedicated mommy and a great cook/baker too Nelah. Happy belated birthday to your little miss :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  2. Nelah, you did a fabulous job doll! They look like they came from a bakery!!! I am not kidding! Wayyyyyyyyyy better than what I would do. I can't believe your little one is FOUR! Where does the time go? She was a little bitty something when we met on the blogosphere. I'm so happy for her and you! How is she adjusting to the new school doll? I remember you talking about it. Ok, back to the cupcakes, I am loving the peach frosting color! Very different Nelah! I like it! Ok, my birthday is next month...Can I place an order? HAHAHAHAHA

  3. Looks so pretty and yummy. Love the colour of the frosting

  4. Super lovely!!! Cupcakes look delicious! And the presentation is out of this world!

  5. Happy belated Birthday to your little one :D The cupcakes sure do look pretty. It's hard to get the fluffy, soft texture, but I'm sure you will master it soon!


  6. Wow!! These look so pretty!! Nice work. Hapy Birthday to your little one. :)

  7. You're really talented! I bet you made your little one's day.

  8. please let me know if theres any good ones! I am hoping to bake cupcakes for Kaylee's party in 2 months..let see how that goes since i am horrible at baking :D you did such a great job and can't believe she's already 4!!!! happy birthday weet baby girl!

  9. Happy belated to your daughter! such a delicate mother u r! i loveeeeee the cupcake! I'm drrrooooling over it :)


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