Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello Sunshine: {Warm} Winter Day Makeup

The arrival of the sun brings "extra" joy and dose of happiness to me during cold and raniny winter days. As a person who was born and raised in a country where sunshine is abundant all year round, I couldn't imagine living at a place where Mr. Sun doesn't make his appearance at least 360 days (let just say I can only stand 5 cloudy days).
To celebrate a sunny warm day in the midst of harsh and yucky cold month, I thought I should paint my face and tested out a new toy. As a person who can't seem to keep up with any trend, I finally gave in and bought that famous Naked pallette last year. Only two years later, better late than never..right? And boy oh boy, it does live up to its hype!! The colors are highly pigmented compare to many other eyeshadows I have owned in my entire life (it is that impressive or what!?). It just makes me want to put extra effort into doing more make ups (yeah right). We shall see how long that effort will last.
Stay warm!!!
 photo o2-7_zps36f56759.jpg  photo o1-9_zpsf06277d1.jpg  photo o4-8_zpsbcc96b1a.jpg  photo o8-2_zps51933c63.jpg  photo o6-5_zps6566b8ac.jpg  photo o9-1_zps571cacd5.jpg  photo o7-5_zps434ae83d.jpg


  1. Sunshine is sure a welcome sight during the cold dreary months of winter and I love how you made your own sunshine with this pretty makeup look Nelah! It's good to hear the UD Naked palette actually lives up to the hype. Your eyes look gorgeous!

    Hoping for more sunny days for us both :)
    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  2. lovely! i really like your earrings too :)

  3. Nelah, that palette compliments you! I've yet to try any Urban Decay Naked Skin makeup. Everyone raves about their eyeshadow palettes and I can see why. The pigmentation is AWESOME! Love that eyeshadow on you! So glad you got it doll. I'm trying to embrace eyeshadows too. Never been great about applying them. HAHAHA Beautiful post doll!

  4. You look absolutely stunning!! I think I'd better dig out my Naked palette and play around with the colors.

  5. Your makeup is lovely, but let;s talk about that vest, drooling here! What a cool blog!

    1. Forever21, get out of here, it looks so much more expensive, good score! Thanks for coming by, started following you, need cupcake recipes!

  6. Lovely sunshine! And so pretty!!


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