Friday, January 18, 2013

Dreamy Fluffy Clouds & Candy Cane


By now most of you probably have thought this is purely a food blog. Let me correct that real quick. It is not a food blog, my life just has been centered around food a bit too much as of late. I simply enjoy beautufying my food and taking photos. It has become somewhat a new favorite hobby of mine I suppose.

Fancy looking desserts do not always require tremendous effort or an all-day outing in a kitchen - really? Yes, really! With some creativity and imagination, you can whip up some decadent pieces of love in less than 10 minutes..okay if ten mintues sound too discouraging, how about five? These lovelies come in handy when you don't have a lot of time on your hand or simply feel lazy to whip up a dessert.
In my case I had people over for Christmas Eve dinner and I felt exhausted already after preparing main dish so any easy desserts would be much appreciated. I sat down and thought during my menu planning as what to do for desserts then came up with this idea to throw in vanilla honey greek yogurt, fruit and candy cane in cute paper cups. They were a hit! Amazingly, a little candy cane delivers such yummy flavor in yogurt. I also served these with S'mores. No brainer but guarantee everyone will love (Hello...who does not like S'mores???). This is a perfect, light and pretty desserts which leave you feeling light and guilt-free.

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  1. These look really awesome. I think presentation is half the battle!

  2. they are sooo cute!! these will be great for bday parties too!! I am already gathering up ideas for K's bday party as you can tell lol

  3. These look so pretty and almost too good to be eaten. And wow I'm amazed at how easy it is to prepare them! Creativity really goes a long way and saves time.

  4. THESE are SO PRETTY!!! I am totally stealing this idea Nelah. You come up with the most creative things. You should do a food blog, because you are good! HAHAHA I think I told you before you should write a book! :D


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