Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Short & Curly

Life is like hair in my opinion. Sometimes you have to cut the part where split ends and damages occur. You look bad and feel bad carrying those damages which do no good. Cut the bad part and await healthy and fresh hair to grow sound like a good thing. I am going to welcome the year 2014 with a short hair and leave bad parts of my hair and some unpleasant life moments in 2013 behind. I am excited for what surprises life will present to me in 2014. Thank you my dear blogging friends: Kim of A Very Sweet Blog, Rowena of Rolala Loves, Jo of Jo's Jumbled Jadiniere, Yen of Diva In Me and Jane of Always with You for such wonderful companion in this blog world and to all of you who stumble upon this blog by chance. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leaving comments, wishing you all a wonderful 2014.
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  1. Your hair looks lovely and you are right, carrying damages and bad things are not nice, I hope we cut all the bad things and have a fresh start in this new year, happy new year!!

  2. Look at you!!! Your hair looks awesome! See, when you're gorgeous you can wear short, long and anything inbetween. You look GORGEOUS! Mine is finally growing! Small increase, but it went through so much damage in years past. My hair doesn't grow rapidly. Happy New Year to you doll! Kisses to all of your family. Love you guys. I am blushing over your shout out Nelah. You're truly like a friend to me. ((HUG))

  3. totally. life is like hair. and your new cut looks revitalizing! hope 2014 is good to you!

  4. I love your hair and life analogy Nelah! I always look at a haircut as a chance to shed some bad energy and I really need to cut mine before CNY. Your new style looks beautiful and I hope this that new year will be a beautiful one for you and your family as well. Thanks for your continuing friendship and support Nelah. I'm truly grateful for wonderful blogger friends like you!

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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