Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pop of Red

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I absolutely love warm and sunny days in the winter. We are fortunate to still be able to enjoy the occasional warmth and beautiful days in December so let's embrace and take a full advantage of it. I couldn't imagine living in some other states like New York, Maine or those in the New England area where brutally cold weather is almost a norm. Although snow seems very pretty and much like winter wonderland, I am not sure that I like such cold temperature and not to mention the challenge of commuting. Let just say, I am going to stick to the south for as long as I can. The weather was nice enough last weekend to visit the park in a light sweater, a scarf and leggings. I've grown to love leggings more and more as how comfortable and versatile they are. More leggings, please.
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  1. Nelah, I know exactly what you're talking about. If I lived elsewhere, I wouldn't want to move around. HAHAHAHA You look so beautiful. Look at you in that outfit. What are you talking about gaining weight!!! You look fabulous! So pretty!

  2. For someone like me who hasn't experience a white winter wonderland, I guess I will not understand how life's like. Though, I can understand the cold. I don't think I would like the cold as much. I can take the warm better.
    You look really nice with a touch of redness. Love how you paired it with that pair of cool boots too.
    I'll take this chance tow isn you and family and Happy Year 2014 =)


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