Thursday, May 8, 2014

Drama Queen

 photo r4_zps0f9bd9ee.jpg

I dreamt of having a rose garden but don't think that will happen, she is such a drama queen/high maintenance.

 This is my 2nd attempt at growing and nurturing a rose plant. First time i knew nothing about rose and of course a poor plant died in no time. When I visited a nursery in late March, I just couldn't resist this beauty, a combination of pink, white and light yellow. I like that she looks similar to Peony when in full bloom. She is called "Double Delight". She has this huge flower that is bigger than two palms of my daughter's little hands. She smells wonderful and so sweet I had to bring her home and take a chance.

 Rose sure is the queen of flower, very stunning. She is very high maintenance too. I can't believe the amount of fungus and diseases that rose get. You also have to plant her where she gets plenty of sun, preferably morning sun and good ventilation. Don't water on her leaves because fungus will soon develop. I literally spray that plant to where I am not sure I want to smell any roses ever again due to pesticide. So far she is thriving. I am eagerly waiting for more new rose buds to grow. If I get a hang of this one, I want to get one more rose in white. However that's a big "IF".

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  1. That is a stunning rose! Love the combination of colours and can imagine how beautiful it smells. Yes, roses are high maintenance but I think so worth it for the gorgoeus blooms

  2. oh man i have so much admiration for you! i've tried growing things but i totally have a black thumb. EVERYTHING plant life dies on me.. even things that are supposedly impossible to kill. lol. your roses are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! the colors are so beautiful!

    it's good to know i'm not the only one struggling.. i love carbs so much.. and i use to just like you eat rice/noodles with EVERYTHING so switching to eating more veggies in place of my carbs has been the biggest change in my life!

  3. You must be so proud that you grew these floral beauties yourself! It sure sounds like alot of work to care for them but the stunning sight of them must be worth it :) These do resemble peonies in full bloom!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Oh very beutiful pics!

  5. oh nelah! what pretty roses! i love the color combination. so far so good girl! you're doing an excellent job. the color alone is candy for the eyes.

  6. wow! they are beautiful! the colors are amazing too!


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