Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Hate Sewing: Summer Japanese Dolls Dress


Don't let the blog title mislead you. No I didn't make a Kimono or anything in that intricate nature at this point. When I found this 100% cotton fabric at the store, I definitely wanted it. Those little Japanese dolls on the print are just so adorable I thought I would make a dress out of it.

 photo j1_zps0d56d06b.jpg

I started this project at least a month ago but never got around to finish due to the lack of inspiration.  I started out with such excitement but lost my creative juice along the way. I was not sure how I want the dress to look like. My inspiration simply fell flat.

A month later I decided it was about time to pick up and close this project out. I wanted this dress to look more casual and relaxed than the Easter's dress I made earlier. That dress was a lot more structured and form fitting. For this one I went for a baggy, summery look. For the lace trimming, I cut out the lace part from my H&M skirt which I no longer wear. Worked out perfectly.

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  1. Omgosh, that dress is adorable! I love the patterns. Your little model is just perfect!!

  2. So cute! The lace really adds a nice touch to it.

  3. Nelah, you are so gifted it is unbelievable. You could make dresses as a career. I can see you dressing Kate Middleton next. Hahaha. And you're little one looks so cute and sweet. Hope you're having a lovely week. Rosemary x


  4. my gosh the dress is so cute! you did a great job!!

  5. That print is seriously adorable and the dress you made is even cuter! It looks beautiful on your daughter!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. The lace trim really came out nice Nelah! Love the back how it ties! Such a beautiful print.

  7. Wow such an adorable dress I love how it turned out.

  8. What a pretty fabric and love how the dress turned out! Well done, you. And what a great model your daughter is

  9. Totally adorable! I'm glad you picked it up again and ended the project. Sometimes it's great to step away from the clogged mind for a while and slowly allow yourself to be inspired by the magazines or anything you saw at the mall. Eventually, ideas will come =)


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