Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I hate sewing: The Little Miss Foxy Dress

Last Friday, I tackled on a second sewing project as mentioned {here}. I spent forever a few hours at night after my little hyperactive monkey went to bed. I magically (not really) turned one yard of fabric into a dress for my little girl. While making it, I had a few mishaps good lessons through my own mistakes which in a way was not a bad thing. Sometimes the best way to learn is from our own mistakes, you will forever remember every single mistake you make.

 photo fx4_zpse680c6c6.jpg

First oops: when I pinned my pattern onto a fabric to cut, I lost my mind and forgot that this was not a solid colored fabric. It had pattern and the head of the foxes should be up. Heck as I cut one side of fabric I realized I turned the print upside dooooooown!!!!!!!!!!! Since it was only one yard of fabric, there was no extra length for me to cut a new piece so I had to make due with what I had. One side of the dress (as shown) is correct but the back of the dress is upside down (last pic)...haha. So artistic (yeahhh whateverrrrr).

Second oops: As I was sewing away into the night, I got sleepy and my mind didn't function correctly. I was supposed to leave the tubes (okay what is the right term) open in order to insert the ribbons. I just sewn away and closed both ends. I soon realized there was no opening to insert my pretty ribbons. So I spent another 10-15 mins fixing that too.

The dress is a tad too long and big but I would rather leave extra fabric and adjust than a dress being too small. I have yet to master the art of sewing a straight line at this point. There are moments I forgot to bring the foot down before sewing and many awkward actions you may not want to know. 

However I finally get better at threading a machine. It was confusing as hell the first time I saw a lady do it. I almost called it So if people ask why I don't sew I may just admit I lack the ability to thread a sewing machine, pathetic?  I know. However I am a master now...wooohooo.
Lesson learned: think and plan LOGICALLY before sewing!

Will see what other silly mishaps I come across on my next project. Stay tuned.

 photo fx1_zpsa19055fa.jpg  photo fx3_zps7ebe2c92.jpg  photo fx5_zps4326fa80.jpg  photo fx6_zps479c1af1.jpg


  1. ohhhmygosh!! that dress is so pretty!! i can't believe you made that.. honestly i've been toying with the idea of buying a sewing machine lately.. because i want to get into sewing.. but i'm afraid i'll use it like 2x and then it'll sit as a dust collector in the back of my closet lol!!

    that print is so cute.. i love the fabric!! i don't know what you're talking about but that dress is gorgeous hon! you did really good!

  2. Wow, congrats on this accomplishments! And mistakes are the only way to learn :) you did awesome!

    xx Hélène

  3. What a lovely little dress Nelah! It sounds like you went through quite abit to sew this but I bet it made the result all that sweeter and you have all this great experience for your next project now :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. what a darling dress!
    It's good to make mistakes and learn from them on the first pass of projects like this. I know I would make so many if I attempted this! Your end result looks lovely. =)

  5. Cute dress! So true, mistakes are the only way to learn, but it makes you appreciate your dress so much more!

  6. despite the oops the dress came out so nice! you did a great job making it! and the ribbons are such a cute touch!

  7. Nelah, that dress is gorgeous! I love the style and the print is fabulous! How cute are the little animals, flowers and butterflies!!! If you wouldn't have mentioned the OOPS, I would've never known. I feel you knocked it out the park girl! You could sell these! Make baby ones with little bloomers. Gosh, people eat that kind of stuff up on Etsy. I know I'm always trying to get you to sell something, but you have such a talent. I see it! I know you mentioned it was big, but when you take it in or just wait a sec and let your daughter grow into it, it's going to look so fabulous on her. BEAUTIFUL dress! Great job and keep us posted.


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