Monday, August 4, 2014

Food, Fun and Family Time

We had a family gathering this weekend at a restaurant, different from how we usually meet up at my in-laws' house. The food was great, portion was enormous. I can't believe summer is almost over and school will soon start. Next weekend we hope to do some fun activities at the beach like playing a kite, building sand castles, playing a beach ball and having a picnic. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates. Hope everyone have a great weekend.

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  1. delicious food galore! sounds like you have lots of fun summer activities planned yet! we are going to the beach next weekend as well! we've been planning it for a while so we're pretty excited :)

  2. This summer is totally flying by! It sure sounds like you're enjoying and making the most of it though :) Your plans for a beach fun day sure sounds like it'll be awesome Nelah. I'm planning a beach vacation next month that I'm really looking forward to.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Everybody's food looks so good! Hope you get to do all you want to do. Summer is going by so fast.

  4. Oh wow! This post just made me really hungry! Everything looks sooooo gooooood! Yum!

  5. All the food looks delicious!
    The beach sounds wonderful. You and your family will have a blast. There's nothing like summer and the beach. My kids love building sand castles; they can't get enough of it :)

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Yes, that's the hardest part. I've been thinking about it over and over on how I could have prevented what happened. I guess that's why it's been bothering me so much.

    Have a good weekend!


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