Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Colors of Christmas: Home Edition

Oh blogging, how am I lazy so!!?? Well at least my laziness only spirals in the realm of blogging, not onto my offline line. I am rather productive in the kitchen and at home organizing/cleaning lately. For some very odd reason, I feel quite inspired to get the house cleaned around this time of the year. Last year I spent New Year’s Eve cleaning a room until 1AM in the morning…talking about fun thing to do on New Year’s Eve there!
Cleaning and organizing is such a daunting task, don’t you agree? It requires a great amount of motivation, time and energy to accomplish such demanding and unpleasant tasks. The other day I opened a closet in a study room just to close it and walk away - lol. It was ridiculously and unbelievably messy. It was overwhelming because we hadn’t cleaned that closet since we moved in our house in 2007!!! All we had been doing was putting more craps in there. Just imagine boxes after boxes, trashes and everything you can imagine. Carpet was dirty because of the darn kitty. She likes to go in there and shred the paper. It was AWFUL. Okay I admit that I don’t do a good job as far as keeping the house in a tip top shape. Having a full time job and a little kid in tow already occupies most of my awaking moments so I would rather sit on my butt when I can which mostly is at night after 8pm until about 11pm. That’s right – that is my only window of opportunity to sit back, relax, blog or clean. Pick one!!
Blogging has to wait until all the craziness wade off, then I shall blog more regularly again. However today is 12/12/12 – I thought I popped my head in and did two posts (not 12!!) for such a special day. These are a few snapshots of our Christmas decorations. We are not quite done but have made a good progress this year.
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  1. oh i totally know that feeling; when you look at the disorganized mess and think "f*ck it!" and walk away. hahaha i think we all do that ;)

  2. Such unpleasant tasks is right! I clean the apt. every other week but organizing definitely requires alot of motivation for me these days. I have so many projects in progress right now it's not even funny but instead of stressing I'm just getting to it when I do. Your Christmas decorations are so bright and cheery! Way to bring the holiday spirit home :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. nelah, i love your christmas decorations! i think every parent has the elf on the shelf. hahaha it definitely keeps kids in line this time of the year. so cool! i'm doing a cleaning post next week. it can definitely be a chore! i hate cleaning out cabinets and such. so i understand how you feel. hahaha


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