Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heartache before Christmas

By this minute, I am pretty sure most of us have heard about a devastating incident at an Elementary School in Connecticuit, USA. It is not my nature to read about news like this since my child was born because I become incredibly emotional. Before I had a child, I didn't have this profound sympathy or sadness as I couldn't relate it to myself. I was sad hearing or reading about tragedies of young children but nothing close to the level I am experiencing now as a mother. Those children are not my own but the news simply breaks my heart in pieces thinking about the pains and heartache those parents have to go through. I just couldn't stop my tears.
Losing the ones you love dearly is never easy. It doesn't matter how you lose them...when you lose them and how well you prepare youself for the loss, the pain can't be described and is intolerable. The worst fear that every parent has is to ever lose your child(ren) before you die.
 Today I was thinking about those parents/grandparents who recently lost their children in this indicent. This time of the year is supposed to be the time of joy and reunion.
The presents must have been brought for their kids.
The surprises had been planned. 
Their houses must have been beautifully decorated.
Now nothing matters anymore. The joy and love had been stolen in a blink of an eye. It was forever and eternally gone the minute their little lives were taken away. It only left them with memories, loniness and eternal grief to live with. They were only 6 or 7 years old. They had not been in this world that long.
Something is awfully wrong here.
How many more shootings are await to happen??
How many more innocent lives will be taken away??
How many more losses and heartache are we going to experience??
I look at my child and hold her tight everytime I hear this kind of story. I can't help but feel worried about her safety and become a paranoid freak. I know I can't control everything but the only hope I have is for my child to be safe everywhere she goes because I will not be able tolerate if anything ever happens.
This post comes in time for Christmas. It reminds us that life is so short and fragile. Remind yourself to do your best as if today is the last day. Remind yourself that tomorrow may not be the same. Live with the present. Don't wait to tell those peole how much we love them. While we are happy and in Christmas spirit, just remember that there are people who are enduring great loss..people who are hungry...people who are losing hope...people who are lonely....people who need love and support. the fullest the fullest the fullest
May everone who lost their lives in the incident rest in peace....
May the parents find way to heal their hearts....



  1. even up in canada, this tragedy touched the hearts of millions. we were all so heartbroken and shocked at the horror inflicted on that town.

    my thoughts and prayers are with those families who lost loved ones in that tragedy :(

  2. Whenever something like this happens it's always a reminder of how fragile life truly is. This tragedy was especially heartbreaking and sad because of all the young lives who were lost not to mention the adults who tried to protect them. I can't even imagine how everyone in Sandy Hook is coping but I hope they will eventually find a way to heal and move on. I also hope that something will done to ensure that better treatment for mental illness will be provided for those who need it along with stricter gun control regulations. And we should all just hold tightly onto those we love and give what we can this holiday season as you said Nelah.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Nelah, I cried all weekend. This is so tragic. My heart ached for those families. All the love, time, money etc. they put into each one of those children, only to be taken away in a matter of a few minutes. It's unspeakable! It's unimaginable! I can't comprehend it. I'm not a mother, but I felt for them. They will never be the same. People are talking about it, but my prayers are that something is DONE ABOUT IT. People were buying even MORE guns this weekend. When will it stop. It's just sad. Beautiful post doll and wishing you a wonderful week.

  4. i cried on my way home from work thinking the pain the parents have to go through. My husband and I was at a restaurant and the news was on, parents talking about their kid that was killed. We were both so sad and our heart was so heavy. As a parent you feel the pain a long with the parents that are suffering. I came home and gave K a huge hug and just didn't want to let her go

  5. I totally agree! I remember i woke up on saturday and heard about the incident! I was shock and read so many news article about this! can't believe about any sane human on earth could actually do this to the children.. this is sooo tragic and ill definitely pray for them! the bright angel has been add to heaven.


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