Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh hi October & Pumpkin Patch Time

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Life has been more hectic than I ever imagined since that very last post in August. Will definitely share more in the future posts but for now let me settle into this cozy little online space one more time by sharing a few photos from our latest pumpkin patch visit. This year is our 5th year at the very same pumpkin patch at church in our area. I don't know about you but whenever October rolls around, the fist thing I think of is pumpkin, perhaps I am ready for some pumpkin pie and bread. For most parents, you can't help but want to snap some cute photos of your little one(s) next to those pumpkins. It sounds crazy but it is true.

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  1. We took a blogging hiatus and are just coming back, too!

    Love the pumpkin patch pictures. I've never been, but I'm thinking of taking DK to one this Friday :)

  2. Glad to see you back! I know what you mean :) I've never been to the pumpkin patch before I had kids, now I go and take lots of photos, lol!

  3. Your daughter is getting so tall! A visit to the pumpkin patch looks like such a lovely fall tradition for your family Nelah! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer! Good to see you back here :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Too cute Nelah!!! Kids and pumpkin patches are always so cute. Your little one is growing! I know that's bittersweet. I love pumpkin this time of year. It's so yummy. Looks like you guys picked the perfect pumpkin.

  5. Such a lovely outing. I have never been a fall person but for some reason pumpkins always make me smile :)


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