Thursday, October 23, 2014

Summer to Fall

This past summer was not the most exciting time/the best of the year for me but looking back now there were still nice little moments amidst all the life challenges and stresses. Thank you ladies for the warm welcome back messages :)

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I sure enjoyed a variety of fresh fruit this whole summer months.
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Macaron Class: Yes I finally pulled a trigger and learned how to make these adorable, pricey, tiny sweets at Table Sur La taught by a chef. It definitely is a combination of science and art of baking to get the right consistency. However, I haven't made any ever since that class. Can't wait to give them a try at home. Hope I will be as successful as I was in that class.

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Gotta love the succulent peaches. They were SOOO good. It was the first time I made peach cake. I have to admit that I do like peach pie better though.
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Continue to eat healthy and hearty by eating all kinds of veggies and fruit. Yum!
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Home D├ęcor was in full force. We did a small makeover throughout the house and did a lot of cleaning and organizing. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for the house to be messy again..sigh.
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Jewelry making: found these snowflake pieces at JoAnn. They are just too pretty.

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Tried out a new restaurant. How wonderful we don't have to go all the way to Maine to eat the Lobster roll and a clam chowder soup. My mouth is watering just thinking about them right now.

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First lunch box for a little one. It was for her first day at school. Wish I could keep up and make her lunch every day to bring to school but the thought of her eating sandwich every day doesn't sound too appealing. I pack her lunch 1-2 times per week and let her buy lunch at school for the rest of the week. Still can't believe she is a Kindergartener now! She enjoys it so far, no complaint or say "I don't want to go" (phewwww!)


  1. I think I would describe my summer the same way Nelah. The best part of it was how mild the temperatures were. It's so cool that you took macaron making classes! I've read up on the process and it sounds rather painstaking but rewarding if you pull it off :)

  2. eek, my comment disappeared, hate it when that happens... anyways, love the food photos, especially the lobster roll and the macarons. How wonderful that you took the macaron class, I've seen them around and have always wanted to try it but just never got around to it.
    So great that your little one is enjoying school. Mine start school next year; time really flies!

  3. My stomach just growled after looking at your pictures Nelah! LOL That lobster roll, fruit plate and macarons! Yum Yum Just remember every year is different. Sometimes it's slow. Sometimes it's fast. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad. LOL No, new camera! LOL I need to get one. Sometimes I have good and bad picture moments. LOL Usually it deals with lighting.

  4. such great little things that happened over summer! i like that feeling of finding moments that sparkled during a challenging time. glad to see you back nelah~

  5. You're writing so sporadic that I'm so glad you are on Instagram, Nelah. Makes keeping up really... INSTANT. I can't believe time flies so much that your little girl is now a big girl going to school. Macarons are so hard to make and kudos for making them. We don't have summer so your summer looks fun to me! I recently wrote a blog post about getting to know my readers and blog friends. We have known each other on blogosphere for years and I'm very curious to know more about you. Hence, I'm inviting you to the post to share with me more about yourself. It would be really interesting to hear from you and I hope to see you there. =)


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