Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Food Trucks Fun and Yum!

This was the second year we hit the food truck festival and savored the unique and scrumptious creations from the various food truck chefs. Truck by truck, bit by bit. How I wish we could sample all. Our bellies could only handle so much we gotta stopped. It was quite a hit and miss this year. Half of the food we tried tasted so good but another half was not good at all.

Before the festival, I did my research and planned ahead since there were 35 vendors. It was mainly because we had to wait in line for a long time last year at certain trucks. So this year I decided ahead of time as what trucks I wanted to visit. Of course I primarily aimed for Asian fusion food trucks while my husband focused on his meaty burger truck. I sure was hungry and ready!
 photo ft1_zpstrf6ogvb.jpg  photo ft2_zpsgnlqrabm.jpg  photo ft3_zpsiu2ykm5n.jpg  photo ft4_zpsruequicf.jpg
Kimchi Ramen: this was soooooooooo good. Spicy and full of flavors. A unique mix of kimchi in Ramen and crispy tempura chicken.  photo ft5_zps9mwfq9zq.jpg
I couldn't recall what was in this burger that the husband got but he loved it.  photo ft6_zpsxpjzzp0w.jpg  photo ft7_zpsxzgu77x6.jpg  photo ft8_zps9zteoqgg.jpg
Swaggy dog sushi: OMG this was super delicious!!!! Shrimp tempura and fried corn wrapped in sushi rice/seaweed served with spicy aioli sauce. I have been craving for this.
 photo ft9_zps6rsgkcs5.jpg
Ahi Tuna Taco: it looked good but the husband said it was overly salty.  photo ft10_zpsivffuzcj.jpg
These little desserts were golden oreo deep fried in fennel cake batter. Oh my, don't even imagine how many calories each little piece had. I didn't like it though but the husband loved it so much.  photo ft11_zpsd7s54mph.jpg

In summary, I am hungry!!


  1. Everything looks so good! Especially the ramen. I've yet to try out any food trucks yet. It's starting to get quite popular around here since I'm seeing them everywhere these days. As soon as I see an Asian fusion one, I'll be getting in line :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Everything looks so amazingly good. My husband looooves food trucks and I only had a couple of times. I love the variety of different types of foods you can get. :)

  3. I had lunch before opening up this post but your pics are making my mouth water. Food trucks used to be bigger in NYC. We need a fest like this here. I'd probably want to sample everything though ;p

  4. I wish we had more food trucks here in New Orleans. I always love how they're decorated and usually get great quality food for a low price. Glad most were good. Sorry to hear some were not. That's ashame. You guys made the best of it though. That's what it's all about.


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