Monday, May 4, 2015

Dad's home cooked meals

Home cooked meals bring back a mix of emotions such as comfort, childhood memories, familiarity, warmth and much more. At this point I feel no one can imitate my dad's cooking. It is something I have always anticipated. I could care less about eating out at the restaurants, all i want is the food he cooks. Looking back at the photos I took three years ago during our last visit, they only make me hungry.

When I was younger, food was just food. He cooked and my brothers and I ate. All we knew was that everything was delicious and our tummies were full. We didn't really appreciate or think much about anything else as kids. As soon as my dad got home from work, he didn't even get the time to sit or rest. He went straight to the kitchen and started cooking dinner for three hungry pigs. Since my mother always worked late, my dad put on a hat of a Mr. Mom.

Now that I am a mother, I look back and realize how tiring that could be. The minute I come in. I put my stuff down and start cooking after an 8 hour day at work. No time to rest (not even a shower until dinner is ready for a little one). Life is not easy when one spouse is at work while other has to care for a child alone. When I see my parents this time, I want to let them know how much I appreciate what they have done.

Every time we go back to visit, my parents always stock up both of the refrigerators and fruit baskets with food. Eating seems to be such a huge deal and we get fed REALLY..REALLY well. I am so looking forward to go home sweet home.
 photo f1_zpss5grlkcj.jpg
My all time favorite curry. So spicy and flavorful. Just how i like it. I can eat this for breakfast.  photo f5_zps4rvluf9j.jpg  photo f6_zpsuxt9l9yf.jpg Mixed vegetables stir-fry with crispy pork belly. My dad knows I love veggies.  photo f2_zpsm4lhvd7v.jpg Glass noodle with shrimps  photo f4_zpskumdxfq1.jpg More veggies stir-fry for veggies lover. Cant wait to eat fresh baby corn.  photo f3_zps9d84txhu.jpg Spicy eggplant salad  photo f7_zpsohryz3id.jpg Minced pork with soft egg tofu soup


  1. I love my parents cooking too. When I think about the meals of my childhood and my family I can think of so many stories.. food is a great centerpiece for some really amazing storytelling.

  2. Everything looks delicious! My dad is the same way. My mom worked second shift, and my dad was always responsible for feeding us. There's nothing like a home cooked meal :) I appreciate it now more than ever too. It's really exhausting to prepare a entire meal after a long day of work.

  3. Homecooked meals are the best. Both my parents worked full time when I was a child so our helper did all the cooking during the week. But my dad always made sure he cooked on the weekends for the whole family and it was something I really looked forward to.

  4. Nelah, when men can cook...they can COOK! My grandfather was just like your dad. He LOVED to cook and boy did I take his great meals for granted. I never went hungry. HaHaHa And he ENJOYED cooking. I wish I had that same flair. I just cook to cook. I don't enjoy it. You are going to have a blast when you go back home! So happy for you.

  5. Your dad must be an amazing cook and it sounds like he's really passionate about it as well. It can be tough to put dinner on the table for the family when you have a full time job. I was raised by a single mom and I learned to cook at a young age just so I could help her out.

  6. That's so sweet that you have all these great memories of your dad making you food. All these photos look so good and now I'm so hungry!


  7. Mmm these photos are making me drooling and that's not ok as I am on a diet!


  8. Nelah, The food looks so delicious and I'm famished. Your dad is like my dad. He was and still is the one who does the cooking. He learnt some dished from my grandma and my mum but he also adapted and churn out his own style over the years. I simply love his (and my mum when cooks) cooking a lot. I wonder how my dad does it too. He really can whip up simple home-cooked meals that tastes soooo good in half an hour or less. I really admire him a lot plus the fact that he is still working and he still does that once in a while when there is grocery and when most of us indicate that we would be going home to eat. I cannot imagine cooking after work with our hectic schedule. Many of my married friends with their own home all feel so tired after a long day at work that seldom do I hear of them cooking too. You can really cook well too! I love looking at your nutritious and delicious food photos.

    You sure eat very healthily, Nelah. I love all your photos of home-cooked food and for you to work and manage such a great home, I'm sure your life is pretty active. I haven't been on your blog for a while too. Gonna drop by real soon!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière


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