Friday, July 10, 2015

Marion Crepe@Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

We love crepes, there is no doubt about that. So when we were in Japan I knew we must try the famous Japanese style crepe in Harajuku. Why in Harajuku? I don't quite know but there are so many crepe stores in the area, almost next to each other in some spots. Oh so many options, so little space in our bellies.
I did my research prior to the trip and decided to try Marion Crepe which has been in business since 1976. If they have been in the business that long, they must be that good. And boy we had such a hard time trying to decide which one to get. Too many good options. All of them looked scrumptious and delish. I decided to go with green tea ice cream with mochi (#95). The little one picked strawberry, cheesecake and ice cream. The hub chose blueberries and brownie. All I can say is that the batter is very light and thin (comparing to typical American crepe). The size is huge (it filled me up). If you can't speak Japanese, that is not a problem. What I did was I wrote the numbers of the crepes that we wanted on a paper and handed it to a staff. Voila! Problem solved.
Final verdict: we loved Marion crepes and will certainly eat there again when we go back to Japan. The place is so easy to find. Just take a JR Yamanote line and get off at Harajuku station, find Takeshita street and keep walking straight. You will spot Marion Crepe on your left.
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  1. Such delicious combinations Nelah! I love their displays. It shows how it will look, what it contains and a number if you don't know Japanese. That's so awesome. Glad you guys enjoyed. Looked yummy!

  2. OMG! These crepes look absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Are they difficult to eat? They sure look difficult to eat but oh so pretty. I guess it is easy to get by in many countries w/o knowing their language as the world globalizes. It's great that good ol writing works well!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. Crepes seem to be quite a popular Japanese delicacy and they make them look so artful too. The ones you guys chose all look great! We have a few Japanese crepe places in NYC but I have yet to try them. I have checked out their menus and like that they offer savory options as well as sweet ones since I try not to eat sweets as much as possible. Maybe I will try one soon :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I want that crepe right now! It looks amazing

  5. OOooo this gives me ideas for when I end up visiting~ Thank you for the directions by the way, hope your subway experience in japan was as awesome as people make it sound. In comparison north american transit systems are properly painful. I like the green tea one most =D

    Fantastic blog. Properly sized pictures and not squinty little things. I wonder why I never came across yours considering you've been blogging since 2012. That's quite a while!! Take care now.


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