Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Park Hotel Tokyo Review

This review was from our trip in the summer of 2015 (see part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4). Of course before we came down to this choice, we did the thorough reviews after reviews and thanks to Tripadvisor. To our amazements, all hotel reviews in Tokyo were good regardless of the class so literally you can't go wrong no matter where you stay. Park Hotel Tokyo was our final choice. Before reaching this decision we went back and forth due to some communication problem. We used United miles for the trip but the room that we wanted was not available so we made a phone call from the US to Park Hotel trying to see if we could upgrade to a different room. We were not quite sure the staff we spoke to really understand what we intended to do. We followed up with the email but still didn't get the right answer. We took a chance and just went with it.
As you may know, space is limited in Japan so a spacious hotel room is a rare find. The bed size is called differently as well so we was not sure if the room we booked would have enough space for all three of us (hence the reason we wanted to upgrade to one of the biggest rooms that they have). If you travel more than 2 people, you may want to double check. If it says "double occupied", believe them because it will not be comfortable to squeeze 3 people on the bed(s). Anyway, based on the positive reviews on Tripadvisor we decided to go with Park Hotel Tokyo (there are several other hotels that have the word "Park" so make sure you search for Park Hotel Tokyo.
What really drew us to this particular hotel was because we liked the modern/contemporary look of it. If you like arts, this hotel is for you. They showcase several modern arts there for art lovers. Its location is also interesting, it is not in the midst of tourist attractions but in the business district (Shidome). From our observation, most people who stay there are local and overseas business travelers and some tourists. Even though the location is not next to tourist attraction, you still get easy access to other parts of Tokyo.
One section of the lobby
Upon checking in, we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to a different room with 3 beds since we had a child. It was not a free upgrade but we gladly paid. At that point, we just wanted to be comfortable after a 13+ something hour flight. We got the corner room which was perfect for 3 travelers. The beds and pillows were just comfortable. The excitement of being in a new city/country kept us going for a little while longer but we crashed in no time after the little one kept falling asleep during dinner. I fell asleep just to wake up a few hours later (it was 2am something) due to a major jetlag...grrrr!!! The little one slept comfortably in her own bed. The room size was decent and it had everything we needed and more. It was super quiet too.
pk11 pk7 pk8 pk9
Of course, we had to check the Japanese style toilet right? The bathroom was small but functional. I especially loved all the bathroom amenities that Japanese hotels have to offer. Even if you forget a toothbrush, they have it. So thoughtful and generous, this is the true customer service. Japanese hospitality will not disappoint you. It was very clean as well.
pk10 pk12
These pictures were taken on our first morning in Tokyo. We thought it was 6am but it was 4am indeed!! Have you ever wondered why they refer Japan as the land of the rising sun? We got our answer there - unexpected, bright and super early! Yes, we were up at 4am almost every day (except me that had jet lag and woke up through out the night). Despite being one of the busiest cities in the world, morning time in Tokyo from these pictures actually looked pretty calm and serene (until you see the commuter trains during rush hour which we tried to avoid but ended up joining the fun! Will save that for another time).
pk14 pk13 pk6 pk15 pk16
Then came the breakfast time, we had our breakfast every morning at the hotel. The selection of buffet was pretty decent in my opinion. They offer both western and Japanese style breakfast. We truly enjoyed everything. The mini Belgian waffles tasted so good. We were very satisfied and ready to start our adventure.
In conclusion, we enjoyed and loved our stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo very much to the point that we think we will stay here again when we return to Tokyo.
pk17 pk18 pk19 pk20 pk21 pk22


  1. What a nice hotel! I'll need to keep this place in mind next time we're there. What a view, and I do love how they fully stocked the bathrooms with all the necessities without one having to ask. We normally stay at a hotel by the subway hub in Shinjuku. We love checking out all the latest electronics in that district, but I can't wait to explore other parts of Japan.

  2. Looks like your thorough research paid off Nelah. Lodgings are a key element in any vacation and it sounds like this hotel definitely met your expectations. That's a great idea to stay in a less touristy area. It definitely doesn't look any less interesting based on the views from your windows. One of my favorite Japanese restaurants has one of those high tech toilets and it's quite an experience ;)

  3. Good research is very important when it comes to traveling with children. I wouldn't want a cranky, jet-lagged toddler in my bed with limited space either! You made a great choice, and your sunrise pictures are beautiful.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. I totally forgot that space is limited in Japan, so I'd have forgotten that finding a spacious hotel room would be a challenge. The view from the hotel lobby is stunning! And all the photos at sunrise. Glad to hear you were happy with your stay!

  5. It's beautiful!! The hotel looked spacious too. I must agree with you that Japanese are great when it comes to service and they're so friendly too. I've been to Japan but many, many years back. I must make a point to visit again. I'm sure your little one had so much fun and overjoyed with this trip.


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