Monday, October 29, 2012

A new sunny beginning

What can be more exciting these days other than watching The Walking Dead from episode 1 – 3 (thanks to my husband who got me hooked, now I am WAY ahead of him), trying new recipes, watching Thai TV shows on YouTube and not to mention spending more money than I intended to on “stuff”?

I thought I would be okay without blog because I could use that time to do something else. Blogging is very time consuming – we all know it. I could really use that time to sit on my butt, massage my face, cleaning my unorganized house and so on.

If you ask me why I ended my old blog after two years – I am not so sure that I could pinpoint to a single reason. It may be sheer frustrations, a lack of motivation/inspriration, a pure laziness, a strong desire for a change, shitty comments from annynomous or all of the above.

I definitely want to keep this blog as small and intimate as possible. I no longer concern how big it will get or how many people will know it. Having a huge crowd of followers used to be one of my goals but it quickly ruined my fun in blogging during the first year in blogsphere. What matters is the quality not the quantity. After two years, I realize what matters is the people who read your blog and interact with you. It is that interaction…it is that special connection that keeps you coming back for more to share, to vent, to laugh, to complain and to cry out loud. If I have one good blogging buddy who keeps me inspired and content with my blogging experience, that is all that matters. During my two years, I had experienced all facets of blogging with my old blog. Not that everything turned out to be pleasant experiences but each and every phase in blogging helped me tremendously. It helps me focus on what really matters, how I should blog and how to avoid/elimimate frustrations.

Giving up an old blog was not easy as 1-2-3 but I was happily welcomed a new opportunity and excitement.

Change – big or small it can be scary but everyone has gone through countless of changes over their lifetime, perhaps more than we could recall each and every incident. While living and following the same old routine day in and day out gives us a strong sense of security and prediction, in a deep corner of our souls we know we yearn for something “different”. To give up one’s security blanket or familarity is never easy - it requires strenght, determination and bravery to branch out to step your foot in a strange place and surround yourself with things or people you have never seen. It is like a new road you have never discovered and you do not know what lies ahead. That is when fear arises in the back of our mind. Fear stops us from opportunity to learn and adapt. Some people hold on to their fears, and turn around to the path they have long known, but some choose to embark a new journey to an unknown destination.

Big thanks to the fellow bloggers who continue to inspire me everyday through their blogs and those words of encouragement are very much appreciated. Although I am bad at replying to comment, I read all of them and appreciate you for taking the time to share bits and pieces.

You all make a “HUGE” difference.I am grateful to have each of “you”, thank you for being here.

Maysa (or Maysayon in Thai language means April) is my birth month. It marks the beginning of the summer and what else can you think of summer if not the sunshine. I would like the name of my new blog to be cheerful and uplifting. And that's how Maysa & Sunshine come together.

I am glad to be back. Now let a new adventure begin....


  1. heyyyyy sunshine! i love love love this :) nelah, this is so you. change is GOOD! when i changed the direction of my blog the beginning of this year, it was like a heavy weight was lifted off of me. i can tell you feel the same. i love the way you're thinking doll. we are grateful to have YOU in our lives. we thank YOU. YOU inspire us. post when YOU feel like it. talk about what YOU want. this is YOUR blog and no one should dictate, because it should be about what YOU want. congratulations! i love the meaning behind your new one. i'm happy you're back my friend. may the adventure begin and God bless ((hug))

  2. Hi Nelah, I am so glad to see your new blog and I am looking forward to your future posts!! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - like you said, blogging is hard work and time consuming and sometimes I wonder whether it is worth it. Here's to a brand new start!!! :-)

  3. Sawadee-ka! That was the 1st word that came to my head after reading your introduction! =D I'm very happy to be back in your blog and following you through ups and downs again! I guess it is human nature to fear changes and differences. Be it good or bad, at least you try =) I'm definitely a huge fan of yours and already signing is as 1 of your follower. #3 is a good number for Chinese. It means "Alive"! So I'm wishing a new beginning to you and your blog. Will be back soon =)

  4. Congrats for the new blog :) i look forward to reading thru each of the entries :) im glad u r doing this blog for yourself and starting afresh :)

  5. glad you're back! it's unfortunate that you had shitty comments from bullshit anons but they can all suck it because you now have a fresh start!

    i completely agree with you in that when you feel "pressured" to write for an audience, it can get pretty demotivating and start to become a chore. this is why i don't want to know how many readers i have. when i started my blog i thought about tracking the number of readers/hits but then i told myself not to get caught up in that because it would take away from my true purpose of blogging. i could easily embed some code to keep track of who has me on their feeds but i don't want to do that for this simple reason: when i blog, i blog for me and the fact that i'm blogging blindly with no one in mind but my own thoughts really helps me keep my posts honest and real.

    looking forward to more of your posts :)

  6. I totally agree with you, the interaction and support you get from other bloggers is huge. Glad to see you're joining the blogging world again.

  7. I'm finally here to spam your new blog. I took quite a while looking at the url and wondered if it meant may and sunshine with a unique take on the word "may". I should have come straight to this very first post and stop wondering.

    Can't wait to follow you on your new adventures!

  8. Here's to new beginnings on your new blog Nelah! Blogging is about being true to yourself so starting fresh is a good way to do get back to what you want to accomplish here in the first place. I've always enjoyed keeping up with you through our blogs and I look forward to continue doing so in the future. You'll have to excuse my delayed comment and discovery here. As you know I was abit waylaid by bad weather lately :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves/


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