Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo!! Beauty & the Mommy

This is the first year I took my little pumpkin out for trick or treat, the girl had a blast. We started out around 6:30pm so that she could still go to bed at a decent time (but things do not always go as  planned, shouldn't I know that by now?!?). There were many homes in the neighborhood which "somewhat" participated in the candies giving trandition. I found it interesting that they decided to leave pots of candies out on their porch and let the kiddos grab as much as they would like despite personally handing candies to the kids. Great idea especially when you are tired of hearing that doorbell for the 50th time, right?
My daugther's in-home daycare did a Halloween party for the kids so she basically celebrated Halloween all day long. How fun! She wore her Cinderella's dress to daycare, then Belle's dress for trick or treat in the evening.
Table decoration at daycare
Our one and only Halloween decoration
Photobucket Photobucket
Here comes the princess - Belle
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
We found Belle's Dress/a crown and matching shoes (the shoes were not comfortable for walking so I let her wear a different pair for trick or treat) at a Disney's store a few weeks ago and just had to have it. It is sooooooooooooo pretty that I wish it came in my size!!


  1. I love when kid dress up for halloween! So cute!!

  2. What a great costume! I love the princess dress! =D
    Aw...the idea of leaving candy out sounds like a good idea...but the whole fun of saying "trick or treat!" is not there. That's the fun part! To me anyway...haha...but yes, I agree, nice if you're tired of hearing the doorbell for the 50th time. hehe...

  3. your princess is soo cute! and the halloween stuff is great!!

    x from europe ;)

  4. She's beautiful! That dress is so lovely and I love that it is Yellow!

  5. She looked SO BEAUTIFUL! Nelah, her dress and crown were fabulous girl! So glad she had a great time. Girl, I don't blame those people for leaving something out. HAHAHAHA I caved and passed out mine. HAHAHA But I was so tempted to do that. Girl, I wish I would've gone to a daycare that had exquisite parties like THAT! I love their decorations and table set up. They thought of everything! Loving those cuppy cakes. SWEET!

  6. Your daughter is such a little beauty! She's gonna break many boys' hearts!

    I love her shoes. Can I steal them?

  7. Aww..your princess definitely look so sweet =D I just realise how long her eyelashes are!!


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