Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cowgirl's way

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I couldn't believe it took me nine years to finally ride a horse in Texas! Now I wish I could have done this much earlier because it was soooo MUCH fun. Why did I waited this long!?!?!
 Horses are such beautiful creatures. I have always loved and been fascinated by horses since childhood. Once upon a time, I wanted to become a female jockey but that dream never came true because my parents were concerned about safety. The only time I remember being on a horse was back in high school during a field trip to the beach. I got to ride a horse for the first time on the beach (very briefly). That's about it until this past weekend my dream came true. I said let's go do horse back riding!! My husband and I randomly picked the closet ranch we found on Google, here comes horsies!!
We each got our own horse and learnt a basic horse riding lesson for one hour. I rode on a female horse, her name was Freckles (she lost one eye, poor girl) while my husband and a little one rode on a male horse named Bruce. I was a little nervous knowing that I had to actually control a horse given that I lacked a "real" experience riding one indepently and for one hour that could feel like a lifetime  but I was wrong! A trainer got on her horse and we all followed along on ours. We toured a small, quiet neighborhood and open fields. A trainer picked each horse based on rider's experience (in my case - no experience or whatsoever). Freckles was a great horse for beginners like moi. She was gentle, walked at a fairly slow pace and was always at the end of the pack which I didn't mind one bit but I still had so much to learn about her so we could get along better. I appreciate that people there take great care and seem to genuinely love their horses. Their horses look healthy and happy which make it an even better experience.
This whole experience was so much fun. I am not very good at this point but with more time and practice a real cowgirl may be born...hee-haw!! Can't wait to go back.
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  1. Nelah, these are some fabulous pics! Girl, you look like a pro riding that horse! HaHaHa I'm so glad you had a great experience. I rode a pony in nursery school but that was about it. LOL The horses do look good and I love the name of the one you were riding. Freckles is such a cute name. Your hubby and little one enjoyed it too. It was a great family outing. Definitely do it again!!!

  2. Nelah you look like a real natural cowgirl in these photos! Better late than never and now that you've discovered how much you enjoy riding, it can be a new hobby perhaps. Love the cowgirl outfits you and little Miss are sporting :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Beautiful horse! Beautiful photos!

  4. Glad to hear you had a fun time! I went horse riding a few years back and while it was fun I was sooo sore the next day I haven't been back again.

  5. it seems as such a good time :D
    Stop by LittleMissTwiggy for some new posts :)

  6. fun!! i still remember the first horse i ever rode. his name was mighty mo!

  7. You got to ride a horse! That's great. I've been wanting to ride on one too but I wouldn't know how to ride it alone. Seeing what you typed, it sure sound ok to ride alone. Your horse is blind in one eye? I certainly couldn't see that at all. She still looks beautiful. You don't look a bit like a jockey at all. More like cow girl! Would you prefer to look like the latter? Coz I sure love looking like a cowgirl. Hehehe

    On a sidenote, my friend who married her way to Texas recently came back for a while and she was telling me that Texas is full of cows. To which I exclaimed "I thought it is full of horses?"

  8. That looks amazing, I want to learn to ride horses, did it only when I was very young, so much fun!

  9. pretty pix nelah!!! I only ride a horse once but I was so young!! i would definitely do it again if I get the chance. they are such beautiful creature!

    Hope you have a good summer!

  10. Girl, where are you? I miss you! We need an update! LOL

  11. I've only rode on a house once in my life in Korea. And it was a pretty nervy experience for me. I constantly worry if the horse would decide to kick me off its back. LOL


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