Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Homegrown with Love

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Talking about craziness, April must be that month in my history. From a start up of a part time business to other happenings, all I can say is life throws all kind of challenges and surprieses at us as if we can handle them all. But as it turned out, I survived..yipeeeee!!! A very few of you knew one of the very odd circumstances I shared here briefly before deleting it. Thank YOU so much for those who kindly left heartfelt comments. They are greatly appreciated. Sometimes in life you know exactly what to do with situation at hands but you just need that extra encouragement and guidance. And I needed just that.
Now that the craziness is over, it is time to sit back..relax..and grow some more veggies/fruits. I CAN'T believe we are already in May!! Just less than two months Summer will be here again. Plants are growing in our backyard and producing fruits. Yum..yum!!
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  1. I MISSED YOU Nelah! So glad to see you back :) I cannot get over your garden! You have a GREEN thumb girl. Strawberries, carrots, blackberries, gardenias and hibiscus!!! I'm skerd of you! HaHaHa Those veggies look so good! You did a really good job. As pricey as produce is nowadays, I need to start one. HAHAHAHAHA The prices kill me to eat healthy. Glad that you're doing well and no major disappearing again :) Your presence is necessary! You bring SUNSHINE to my life! ((HUG))

  2. nice photos... That strawberry looks super sweet:) those homemade strawberries are the best!!

    stop by LittleMissTwiggy :)

  3. omg! these are amazing!!! blackberries, carrots and strawberries! how lovely! :) and i totally hear ya! i just need a few words of encouragement here and there! glad to see you in your happy place again!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you left the craziness behind and are enjoying your beautiful garden now Nelah! When times are tough, just remember that you're tougher! At least that's what I've been telling myself. The produce and flowers in your garden look crazy good and I bet those fruits taste just heavenly.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. You have such green fingers! I wonder how does home-grown fruits and vegetables taste like? Must be really yummy and full of goodness grown from love.

    I'm happy to know that you have left the craziness behind. We shall not probe anymore and trust that you have handled it as how your heart and mind told you to.

  6. *phew* I'm glad all is good now. Just continue to grow a healthy garden. Bury the bad stuff and grow the good stuff =D Your carrots look healthy and fresh! Maybe that's cos I like carrot cakes =D


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