Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ethereal dream~*

 photo blg6_zps0813cba4.jpg
What could be more romantic than dancing under the soft ray of morning sun and being surrounded by beautiful flowers? It must be a dream. I want to turn that vision in my head into a sweet reality and capture those precious moments.
Here goes me and my little model woke up at a crack of the dawn this past weekend, got ready and headed out to a small bluebonnet field close to our house. The setting was nothing short of perfection..lovely little flowers...soft morning light that creates some AMAZING photos in different angles (Aha..that's a secret! There were at least 4 professional photographers out there with thier fancy equipment doing photoshoots as of 8AM on Saturday - no amatuer except for moi. Feeling quite intimidated..ha)...small ponds and my precious love dancing and swirling her little tutu dress in a flower field. I had so much fun snapping pictures and couldn't wait to share these. By far this set is my most favorite in my photography journey. Thanks to the wonder work of Photoshop for adding that soft and dreamy glow.
 photo blg1_zpsf464943a.jpg  photo blg5_zps5374a056.jpg  photo blg2_zpsf34f81f2.jpg  photo blg4_zpsa38ae650.jpg  photo blg3_zps4d8cecb5.jpg


  1. What beautiful photos of your little girl!


  3. Nelah, these photos of your daughter are so beautiful. You did a fabulous job! I am loving that last picture. Everything is so serene. Great job! She's going to cherish these when she gets older. Do you scrapbook her photos?

  4. Also her dress and bunny are exquisite!

  5. Your little miss looks like a perfect little angel in these photos! You did an amazing job Nelah!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. beautiful photos!!!!! they are so dreamy! cant wait to see the other photos from the professional too!!! have a great weekend!

    and yes..photoshop is amazing!

  7. what an amazing shooting and princess dress!
    simply stunning, hope you follow back
    Sergio, xx

  8. gosh these photos are just magical! I love the lighting and flowers. your little girl looks like a fairy princess! :)

    Metallic Paws

  9. I love these photos of your daughter, Nelah! So beautiful and whimsical. And her face isn't covered by some of your editing patches. I love how you managed to reveal her face without revealing much. Lovely photos, backdrop, angel and lovely photographer!

  10. She look magical, love these shots!


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