Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Easter

 photo et2_zpsdbfc3303.jpg
I am so far behind my blogging routine. Although Easter is way over, I still enjoy looking through these photos. It is the 4th Easter for a little one this year and she has more fun with the egg hunt as she grows too. An Easter basket which grandma and grandpa prepared for her was filled with some sweet treats and fun goodies. Mohter-in-law was once again amzed me with her table decorations from colorful salad plates to napkin rings to flowers. They were picture perfect.
It was another great family-get-together day, good food...great companion. What else you could ask for more?
 photo ee4_zps3037aa02.jpg  photo et3_zps080e1d28.jpg  photo ee10_zps6c329ec4.jpg  photo ee5_zpsa1849b65.jpg  photo ee8_zps64b51ca7.jpg  photo ee6_zpsc4a63422.jpg  photo ee7_zps15a8d264.jpg  photo ee11_zpsb930b7a2.jpg


  1. Looks like you had a great Easter, love the first photo, so cute!

  2. Nelah, your daughter is such a doll. Her dress is soooo cute! I love to see children participate in Easter egg hunts. Their faces just light up with excitement. Your mother in law needs to start a blog. HaHa She is really good! Love the basket she made for your daughter and the table setting is gorgeous! Love the plates and flowers.

  3. It does look like you had a picture perfect Easter! I bet little miss had a ton of fun and she looks adorable in her striped green dress. Your table setting and food always look so amazing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Did you cook these? You must be a great looks soo good. :)

  5. Gosh..that plates are so pretty, I wouldn't even want to put any food on it. I'm just happy looking at the plates. You were right. Definitely great for photo shoots =D
    Your girly is definitely growing fast. I'm wondering if you'll miss her when she goes to school? I've friends who send their kids to school for the very first time and instead of their kids crying, my friends started weeping seeing their kids going to classes because they figured that they'll be missing their companionship at home.

  6. I would feel so stressed attending dinners and events at your MIL. Hehehe... I should learn to be more creative when hosting. I see the bunny making its debut on your beautiful photoshoot.


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