Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Colors of Spring

All photos were taken at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas. So pretty and chic, gotta like those flower balls. Wait until you see "The Buffet", it is like dining in a middle of whimsical garden. I am so obsessed with colorful flowers this Spring.
 photo w4-4_zps6053bd64.jpg  photo w2-4_zps1fd3ad5e.jpg  photo w1-4_zps2b2569cf.jpg  photo w3-4_zps88f2c331.jpg  photo w8-4_zps5516a679.jpg  photo w5-4_zps9e4bf43c.jpg  photo w6-4_zps44d2a8a4.jpg  photo w7-4_zps1d1f565c.jpg


  1. These gorgeous flower balls are so pretty! I'm totally smiling right now! I think I would've just lingered there to admire them lol.

    I thought ankle boots could only be worn with pants as well but after seeing people wear them with skirts and dresses in street style photos, I realized their versatility.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Now THAT is MAGICAL Nelah! Those flowers are so pretty! Makes me want to break out a tea set, have a party and sit there forever! HaHaHa GORGEOUS! Yeah Peach pie! :) *blush* You can do both apple & peach if you like :) Do a pie week! HaHaHa :D


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