Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello July~*

What?!? The first half of 2013 has already passed and here I am sitting and staring at a calendar trying to deny the fact that in the past two months I was beyond lazy and lacked of inspiration. It has been quite awhile since that last post so it felt out of place here like how do I post..literally. So until I get back in the full swing of blogging again, I shall keep this short and leave you with some photos.
 photo fo1_zps12bb0dea.jpg
4th of July
 photo fo6_zps62005b62.jpg
Yellow flowers growing from vegetable plant
 photo fo2_zpsf7779b6f.jpg
Fruit Salad
 photo fo3_zps8d0e0368.jpg
Cupcakes to satisfy our sweet calling (bought from a cupcake place)
 photo fo5_zps7756f8c3.jpg


  1. lovely photos...

  2. HAHA! I know Nelah! I can't believe half the year is gone. I kinda want a couple of months back. Wish that was possible. The Summer has seemed so short. It seems Fall is right around the corner. Your little girl is just so precious! She's like an angel Nelah. I love her dress and hair. OMG'd those cupcakes! I wish we had a bakery like that. HAHAHA I would tear into that Hershey one. Thanks for telling me about the brands you use. I'm going to look them up. I'll post the rest of my reviews later this week and put all of my Korean reviews under the top tab whenever you want to review them. The most important thing is you and your family. Do what you enjoy and stop in when you can girl. I love hearing from you. ((hug))

  3. these photos are absolutely gorgeous! i could eat up that salad right now. :)

    cute & little

  4. I'm so glad you're back Nelah! Missed you! I'm not surprised that delicious things have still been cooking in your kitchen and pretty things have blooming in your garden during this time. Little Miss is getting so big and prettier too! Her patriotic dress is adorable and the way you do her hair is always so lovely.

    Thanks for your sweet comments! If you're scared about going short, I would suggest working up to it, like maybe starting with a cut just below the shoulders. I find shorter hair so liberating and it's good for lazy types like me haha. And good thing hubby loves it on me too :)

    Hope you're having a great week and staying cool lady!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  5. Oh gosh..all your food pictures looked so good! You lil girl is definitely growing and yea, I do agree with you that time flew by so quickly =)

  6. welcome back! miss you! and oh my cupcakes! i bought some yesterday because we had a little celebrating to do, but the frosting melted in the hot weather and i was so upset! i have to go back for a cupcake run soon! :)


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