Saturday, July 13, 2013

{Asian} Beauty Bliss

My new skincare regimen. It has been months since I last tried new products. Sometimes I question - are we lucky to live in this age and time when there are too many information, choices and decisions to make on literally....everything from food choices to consumer products. OMG - what to buy, right?!?! Don't you want them all??
An important factor that makes or breaks my purchasing decision is that they have to be clean and natural. I am a kind of person who pays attention to an ingredient list and read every single ingredient on the lable. So I am quite pleased to discover these two brands recently and have been testing them about a week. Hope they give great results, will come back with a full report in about a month :)
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  1. Nelah, there are so many skincare lines and choices out there that it makes my head spin. HAHAHA I'm so glad you posted this. I'm going to look for these brands and try them. All the junk that's out there is definitely not good for your skin. More and more people are paying attention to what ingredients are in products now. It's the smart way to shop. Wishing you a beautiful week.

  2. Love the composition in your photos! Definitely would like to try the brand.

    Check out my blog, and let's follow each other if you want.

  3. There are just way too many choices on the market with everything now. I've become better about reading ingredient lists and I'm with you on trying to go for more clean and natural products. Looking forward to hearing what you think about these. I didn't know Tatcha had a while skincare line. I've used their blotting papers and I really like them.

    Thanks for your sweet comment today. I look forward to wearing the dress in the fall with tights and layers :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. So true about there being so many choices and brands out in the market. I tend to look out for natural skincare products because I believe they're better for the skin.

  5. so so true! so many choices now. i have been trying to pick brands with the leaping bunny sign. it's been a little tough but the it's been great. i especially like alba.

  6. You are absolutely right about our choices.

    I remember when I was younger, the only anti ageing cream my mother only knew about was oil of ulay (i think that's what it was called? Haha).

    Nowadays, there is SO much choice! What an era we live in.


  7. I would like to try these products!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  8. I think every era/age has it's challenges. When we were in Vegas, my sister and I brought my mom to Sephora and she was drowned with abundance of choices! LOL! She said this "You girls these days are blessed with much choices. Back when we were younger, we can only wish there's more stuff to chose from". So I think when you have less, you wish for more. When you have a lot more, you try to hold yourself back from buying everything! LOL! Challenges!
    Sea Daffodil Cleansing Mousse. Sounds yummy!

  9. looking fwd to your reviews.

    i recently discovered Eminence Organics and currently, i'm using their stone crop serum (hydrating + lightening) and i LOVE it!!


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