Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello Pumpkin....*

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This must be the longest break I took from blogging so far in years. The past few months were like....meh....blah...and unproductive to say the least, unlike the first quarter of the year when I felt so fired up to accomplish and tackle so many projects then it just fell flat and here it is November ALREADY!! What else? Thanksgiving is less than two weeks?!?!
Hope all you blogging buddies are doing well. Sorry for a long hiatus, just wanted to pop in to say hi. I almost forgot how to blog. Hope to come back to this space and post more often. Miss ya!!


  1. missed you and so glad to see you back! and seriously.. thanksgiving is next week! where did this year go?

  2. Nelah, I was so happy to get your message. I've truly missed you. I thought you had put away your blogging tiara. HaHaHa So it's good to see you back doll. This year flew by way too fast. The holidays seem to be going faster. Your daughter looks great. Love that picture of her. Hope you and your hubby are doing well. I'm sure he's feeling better by now. Have you guys taken any more trips?

  3. You went missing for so long and then you popped back with so many posts. I'm so glad I sneak the time to check out your blog while using my hubby's laptop. (My laptop died and he stopped his game to let me use for a while before he would wrestle it back from me again). I'm so glad to see your blog's revival and you looking so fresh. Hope all had been well for you.


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