Monday, November 18, 2013

Things that make me smile

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A red tricycle passes from one generation to another. It used to belong to my husband when he was a little boy. It is still in a pristine condition (thanks to mother in law who has taken great care of and loved it). I am sure it means more than just a tricycle to her, it reminisce sweet memories.)
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That face never fails to brighten the world. A laugh that can change a bad day into a good one.
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A colorful bowl of fruit salad gives a full dose of vitamins to help make a strong and healthy body.
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 All we really need is someone to love and to be loved after all. If you have already had them in your life, cherish and never take them for granted. Don't waste time and energy on toxic/negative people who do nothing but lie and hurt others. Life is too short not to love those who truly care.
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Have you stopped to enjoy the flowers today?
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Waffles make tummy (very) happy


  1. What a beautiful post! Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. That tricycle is in pristine condition!! How special to still have it after all these years

  2. her smile can literally light up a city! and the tricycle is really something special xx

  3. beautiful...

  4. awww. these photos!! They make me smile too. I absolutely love the first story about the red bike. How amazing that the bike in such good condition and can be passed on? That makes my heart melt. I love that. =)

  5. Nelah, this post touched my soul!!! You are speaking the truth girl. My life years ago was filled with toxic people. I would try and expend all my energy trying to help them and make them happy. They were so mean and hurtful to me. I was devastated. It's things like this that bring one JOY! I will take a waffle & that fruit bowl. LOL Your daughter is too cute! She can light up a room like her mom! What great history with that tricycle. Fabulous post. Again, I'm so happy you're back.

  6. These photos made me happy. Your daughter has such a gorgeous smile. That tricycle is in such amazing condition, I bet it could be passed down to her children. I totally agree with what you said. Life should be all about appreciating what's good and cutting out the negative. I definitely don't miss the toxic people who are no longer in my life.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. I always stop to smell the flowers! and to instagram them :)
    what a great capture of your girl! we got a fancy camera when our oldest was born and thank goodnes for the multiple shots function othewise all the photos of him would be blurry he doesn't understand 'selfie' yet!

  8. That tricycle holds so much memories. It certainly doesn't look its age. Imagine your daughter riding in the very same tricycle that her daddy rode as a little boy.

    Your daughter looks genuinely in bliss and the fruit salad looks so yummy that I'm craving for fruits now.


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