Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quick Dinner: Pizza is Good for You!

When I refer to "Homemade" Pizza, it doesn't mean the kind that you buy from frozen section at your local grocery store and pop it in an over at home and claim it to be homemade. We are talking about a real deal here (minus making a pie crust from scratch of course, I haven't gone that far yet.).

I made a post about my homemade pizza in the past but never got around to show you how easy it is to whip this thing up. It is great on the day of the week when you feel tired and want something quick but is still healthy. If it is not simple, I am not going to do it. Talking about working an 8-5 job yet still have to spend another hour or two in a kitchen in the evening, hell NO I say!

 photo p1_zpse4d779a9.jpg
Pizza gets a bad rep for high sodium, high carb, high fat and zero fiber but you can make it way healthier than that. Ever since making my own at home, I have never had an urge to order from any pizza place ever again and it has been two years at least. We make it on an average of twice a month. Of course the hub resists he sticks with the pepperoni and cheese while I rotate my toppings with various veggies and meats.

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We love this pizza crust. It is super thin and almost like flatbread/pita chip when baked. Plus very low in sodium. Too much sodium makes your body bloated which is not always a pleasant thing.

 photo p6_zpsa134cfcc.jpg  photo p7_zpsda1e8ac5.jpg

Don't restrict yourself to using "Pizza sauce" only. Any pasta sauce or tomatoes based sauce will do. I have been using this pasta sauce for as long as I could remember as my pizza sauce because it is low in sodium and it tastes great. Only 40mg for 1/4 cup versus most brands that has whooping 500+mg of sodium per 1/4 cup.

 photo p3_zps9b86ca8a.jpg  photo p4_zps6850ac68.jpg  photo p5_zpsc812dce2.jpg

Add your green, red, yellow, purple. Add the rainbow colors of veggies as toppings. Some mushroom and meats if you like. I love baby kale / baby spinach and avocado combo.
 photo p8_zps8cc6a48d.jpg

Scoop some sauce and spread a thin (or thick if you want) layer on your pizza crust. I simply put my pizza crust on a cooking sheet.  No fancy pizza stone needed. Works like a charm!

 photo p9_zpsfa50c2cb.jpg
 photo p10_zpsceb0e9f1.jpg

Top with your veggies and meat

 photo p13_zps2d060899.jpg

Don't forget your cheese. Remember we try to make this healthy so don't dump an entire bag although you may be tempted to.
 photo p11_zps3929656b.jpg

I like to sprinkle mine with some herb. Use fresh or dried then lightly sprinkle with olive oil.
 photo p12_zps55c153ba.jpg

Ready? Set....Bake.... I set my oven temperature at 395F and bake between 12 - 15 mins depending how crisp I want the crust to be.

 photo p14_zpsc509c6af.jpg  photo p15_zps662a4277.jpg  photo p16_zpscea2ffdb.jpg

Dig in!!!


  1. oh my goodness. it looks so mouthwatering good!

  2. i LOVE homemade pizza. i totally top mine with all veggies too (while the husband piles on the meat)! yum!!!

  3. I'm totally making one Nelah! I love mine topped with mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes and cheese :D


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