Monday, April 27, 2015

How to boost your mood on a cloudy day....

These beauties are right in my backyard. Looking at colorful flowers always make me happy and lift my spirit. These are the combination of wildflowers, annuals and perennials. I just hope Spring lasts a little longer so I can enjoy them more. I always feel that spring is the shortest season of all. The weather has begun to feel like summer some days now down here but most days are cloudy I almost feel like I live in England with an overcast sky and rain 5 days a week. 

Flowers look their best in spring, don't you agree?

 photo sw1_zps9nlcyar8.jpg  photo sw2_zpso8tit2gd.jpg  photo sw5_zpstijeyzpj.jpg  photo sw4_zpswkvj5yg7.jpg  photo sw6_zpszpx76gt5.jpg  photo sw7_zpsdtm76fwh.jpg  photo sw8_zpsyncxxzwg.jpg  photo sw9_zpswemt8jds.jpg


  1. Lovely Spring blooms! Just looking at this post made me happy too

  2. The colors are absolutely gorgeous Nelah! You did a great job, and this is a fabulous reward! I've been commenting every two days or so, so don't feel Ive forgotten about you :) Your blog is always on my reading list.


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