Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I hate sewing: One Year in the Making

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Project #5
Yes, it took almost one full year to complete this little dress. Not because it was a highly intricate project or anything but primarily with everything that happened last year my creative juice simply ran dry.

I started out with a lower portion of the dress and let that project sat on a hanger over 6 months. By January before I forgot how to thread the machine, I figured I should do something to refresh my memory. I decided to take on another project (a yellow dress with white polka dots which I will post the pic later). Hence skipped my unfinished project once again. As Easter quickly approaching, I pulled the trigger and thought it was about time to get it done. I gave myself a deadline by Easter so this dress finished just in time. Only a few hours before we headed out to the Easter lunch.
I like how the dress turned out with a vintage and romantic touch of pink lace as sleeves. See a 2014 version of the Easter dress {here}.
I Hate Sewing episode
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  1. It's great that you picked this project up again because the dress came out so pretty. When your daughter gets older and looks back on her childhood photos, she's going to realize that she had some pretty special one of a kind outfits thanks to her crafty mama :) Fantastic job Nelah! I really like the lace sleeves and the contrasting blue waist tie. These little details really add to the look ^_^

  2. The dress is so pretty. I love the pattern and the color combination, very cute. Your daughter is grinning ear to ear in her beautiful Easter outfit, good job mama :)

  3. It turned out beautiful! I love the little birds and birdhouse print. The colors are so pretty! I also like the way you used texture with the sleeves and gorgeous sash. You did a great job. Glad you could complete it. With everything you went through, i would've put it on hold also.

  4. this is such an adorable dress! great job :) she looks pretty :)

  5. Amazing! I just bought a sewing book in hopes that I could maybe sew some of my own clothes but I am not sure if it'll happen any time soon :)


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