Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eye Candy: Tom Ford Sunglasses

I normally own a pair of sunglasses at a time and use them until they literally fall apart. Living in Texas, sunglasses are must have accessories. I don't think I wear sunglasses as often as I should to protect my eyes from harsh and harmful sunlight. My previous pair was from Guess which I have had for at least 2-3 years. Not exactly sure why I don't have a few pairs to switch around just like clothes. Well that may sound a little too excessive but it would be fun to have two or three pairs to switch around just like clothes, shoes or bags.
I guess the reason I don't like buying glasses or sunglasses in general is due to the fact that I don't quite know what shape really suits my face so I would rather buy when I need to. Tryinig on glasses can be fun but frustrating at the same time. Buying online is not my preferred option.
However...okay...however, I broke my rule when Groupon (oh my god, I am loving Groupon!) advertised this Tom Ford sunglasses deal a month ago. It was too good to pass, plus it was a perfect timing since I was on a lookout for a new pair anyway. I scored this beauty for about $90 something (retail price $550). They were made of metal (I always opt for plastic for lightness but thought I tried something different). Love the color.
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  1. You got this pair of Tom Ford for such a steal! I just has to try on my glasses and shades coz my flat nose bridge would have many eyewear slipping off my nose and I need to feel that they are securely on my face while looking up and down before I make my purchase. However, if such a brand is at such a steal, I may disregard all other factors. Afterall, if something doesn't fit, my sisters or friends would be happy if I pass them the items.

    Oh and it is not excessive at all to own a few pairs of sunnies. I used to think that way until I started working and invested in a sporty Oakley one, a classy Fendi one and all the rest are just cheap $10-$15 ones of all various styles (oversized, sleek, beach plastic ones etc) They certainly are accessorize ones outfits too.

    Please model in this Tom Ford soon!

  2. What a great deal on your sunglasses! So cute! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog--I really hope that we can keep in touch!!

    A's Fashion Files
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  3. Nelah, those are sharp! I love Groupon too! They really offer some fabulous deals. You just have to have the money that day. HAHAHA I seem to like EVERY deal EVERY day! But honestly, it's a great way to save money. Love your new shades girly girl :)

  4. these are really nice!

  5. these are hot!


  6. Tom Ford sunnies for $90?! That's a bargain. I have plastic ones but I've been thinking of metal ones. They look fantastic!


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