Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flora Maxi

As much as I enjoy the cool weather and the fun layering pieces of winter clothes, there are times I miss summer and its warm breeze. This is the second maxi dress I have worn so far this year and all I know is I can't wait to venture out in the maxi dress path. This particular floral maxi was purchased in Thailand when we found out we were going to attend a wedding in Kuaui, Hawaii. I was speficially looking for something colorful, fun, vibrant, flowy and feminine. The dress perfectly fit the bill. With some tweaks and different styling, I can probably wear it in spring and again next summer.
That day, I didn't have much time myself to get ready so forget about glamorous hair and makeup. We had to take our little flower girl to get her hair done which took awhile. Everything was such a mad rush, it only left me with 20 minutes to get dressed, apply some makeup and did my hair. Thus I relied on nature - plumeria flower that is! Picked and sticked them in my hair - voila - my good hair day ~
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  1. I love how you applied your make up. Perfectly done. Such a pretty dress which is perfect for Hawaii. Your little girl is beyond adorable.

  2. plumerias are my FAV flower! so pretty!! i love your dress :)

  3. Such a pretty dress and use of fresh flowers as accessories! It doesn't get more "Hawaiian" in my eyes than plumerias and hibiscuses. Hope you're doing well, Nelah!

  4. This dress is lovely on you! The shape and subtle print are perfect for a wedding. You did such a great job on your hair and makeup considering you had so little time. The plumeria adds a nice island twist! And your little miss looks perfectly cute as always :)

    Thanks for your support Nelah! Considering all the people who lost their homes during the hurricane, having to deal without power and water was just an inconvenience for us but still it's nice that things are back to normal now. We did get our heat/hot water back last Friday btw.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Wow that's really pretty and flowy :) I like how you did your hair as well :)

  6. see! when you are just GORGEOUS, you can look like this in 20 minutes. girl, it would take me an hour and a half! hahahaha nelah, that dress is fabulous girl and you CAN get more wear out of it. you can even make it into a short dress. you would lose the flowers at the bottom, but still have them at the top. so exquisite!

  7. You took only 20 min to get prepared for a wedding? That is the amount of time I take to get ready for work! I need an hour for weddings. It is no fair coz 20min or 1h, you look gorgeous.


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