Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Day to Give "Thanks"

Has eveveryone slowly recovered from a mega annual Turkey feast on Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping madness at this point???? I think I am, at least the eating part. Still have leftover in the fridge to finish in the couple of days but I think I can handle that.

It has been a tradition in our family. Every year we cook up some side dishs or desserts (or both) to bring over to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner while they provide turkey, cranberry sauce and some other delicious dishes. This year they added a deep fried turkey to the table on top of a traditional roasted version so we ended up having two turkeys (total of 30 lbs). I made my Cranberry Bars along with Roasted Butternut Squash to join the feast. One thing I wished (or everybody wished) was to have more room in my stomach because everything was so delicious, I didn't bother thinking about diet of any sort that day. Screw it!!!!
I especially liked the table decoration my mother in law put together. It looked pretty and rustic from leaves to variety of winter sqaushes. Four thumbs up for her beautiful job, well done.
Talking about Black Friday, I didn't buy a thing (good for my wallet..hip..hip..hooray!). Somehow I  feel that Black Friday is gaining more and more recognition thanThanksgiving day itself! I know economy is tough and they need to make profits but it is ridiculous every year the way retailers attempt to attrack customers. I feel sorry for employees who can't spend the day to be with their families, I really do.
Fun times always come and go fast, much faster than we want it to. It seems like we wait and wait for this day for a very long time and it goes by just like that. After having four days off this week, I know it is going to be a struggle when having to get up and go to work on Monday!! I am not really looking forward to it.
{Please excuse my lack of comment and visit, I shall make my appearance on your comment seciton soon in a few days :) }

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  1. Wow look at the pies! The deep fried turkey sound really lipsmacking though turkeys are well known to be dry and tasteless. It seems like you have a lovely traditional Thansgiving at your in laws. I'm wowed by the table decor. People in Asia do not really bother much about table decor at all and I'm always thrilled looking at western decorations.

  2. Wow Thanksgiving at your house looks so festively happy and delicious! Fried turkey must be amazing. Being Asian, I've only ever had a traditional Thanksgiving meal once when I went to a friend's house. We usually spend the holiday at my grandparents and my grandfather cooks up all his Chinese specialties like stewed mushrooms with abalone and soy sauce chicken. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and congratulations on not shopping Black Friday. I did buy a few things but I made sure they were good bargains :)

    Have a wonderful week Nelah!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Nelah, what a fabulous centerpiece she put together! I LOVE IT! She should do that as a hobby and sell them. They are really good. I especially love the little turkey. OH MY GOD! Those pies look so good! What a nice Thanksgiving your family had :) I'm still sluggish from the holidays. My mom took the rest of the turkey and made turkey soup. I think the leftovers sometimes taste better than the actual meal. HAHAHA Glad you had an awesome time. Again, I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things doll.

  4. Those pics look so delicious :) That's what I love about US - they have awesome pies!

  5. ohhhhhhh i love the table setting so fall and thansgiving-y haha so pretty!! ohh my gosh drooling over all the pies! nom nom nom!


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