Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Girl, Lace and Pink...

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As far as I could remember, pink was not my favorite color up until this little girl came into my life. Since then I have experienced a case of massive pink attack. When you have a little girl, it is quite difficult not to buy anything in pink. Not everything in her closet is in that color though, she has a good mix of different colors from yellow/blue/green and purple too. However, one can't deny little girls look so sweet in pink. I bought this layered dress from Zulilly (don't get me started on my Zulilly addiction) last year because it was just too adorable. Pink, gray, lace, ruffles and layers - oh my - what else could I ask for more?
A few weeks ago, I dressed her up and we had a little play time in our (dead) backyard filled with weeds. They actually look quite rustic and whimsical, don't they? (or that's just me..haha).
Have a beautiful weekend :)
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  1. Shes adorable! The outfit is so cute. Im the same way. Pink was never my color, but I thought differently after my daughter came along. I couldnt resist buying her tons of pink outfits, etc.

  2. adorable...

  3. That is such a sweet dress! I was such a tomboy as a child that I never had or wanted anything pink or girly and now pink is my favorite color ;) Happy weekend Nelah!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. on this is just too adorable! i was a total tomboy growing up and i wouldn't wear anything but my brother's clothes! i think it's because my mom actually dressed me in boy/unisex colors. i had absolutely no pink in my life. it wasn't until a few years ago that i started liking the color. i think it's cute now! :)

  5. Yes, they do look whimsical and pretty =D Your little one looks adorable in these pastel colors. Talking about pink, I do realize that it wasn't my favourite color until recently when I saw tonnes of pink outfits be it jackets, coats, top or even jeans. I guess I start to have a liking towards pink now =D

  6. What a beautiful dress Nelah! I always see advertisement for Zullily and if I had a daughter I would dress her in their clothes. Everything is so unique and girly. She looks beautiful in that dress. My mom always said, she loved dressing me in pink as a child. Girls look so pretty in it. Hope all is well doll. Wishing you an awesome week.


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