Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's get down and dirty

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All I hear about weather this year is that it has been one crazy winter. I couldn't agree more to that statement as I constantly have to figure out what to wear. One day you are in shorts and t-shirt but the next day you are back to winter clothes - again. Just like this weekend, I thought Spring came by surprise as we were in 77'F but today we are back to 40'F. We took an advantage of a Spring like day visiting a garden center to buy some fertilizer for the (dead winter) yard but I couldn't resist grabbing some colorful, lovely flowers (hydrangea and stock flowers). The seeds and bulbs I planted earlier just do not grow fast enough for me obviously.We did get down and dirty alright by the end of the day. 
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  1. i love the colors here. and yes! crazy weather. it was gorgeous a few days ago and yesterday we got snow. and it's so so cold today and for the rest of the week. sigh. i'll be happy if we reach 50 at least! :)

  2. Having such pretty color in your garden must really brighten up your day when you see them. So sweet that your daughter helps your husband with the planting :) 77 degrees sounds like pure bliss. We woke up to single digit temps in NYC today. Anything over 40 would feel balmy about now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. nelah, that was my grandmother's favorite flower. they are so pretty. i love the colors you chose. it's cold here. raining. windy. i'll be happy for some stable sunshine. still sick. hahaha i'm getting through it. your pictures are so pretty! it's as if i can feel the dirt and flower petals.


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