Monday, March 10, 2014

Breakfast, Lunch, Cake, Pretty Flowers and Lovely Music..

 photo s1_zps7af4c597.jpg  photo s2_zpsea37cff3.jpg  photo s3_zps44ea6ee1.jpg  photo s4_zpsd663acf3.jpg  photo s5_zps2caea954.jpg  photo s6_zpsf4d5633c.jpg  photo s7_zps67fb35f0.jpg

In addition to flowers, I have had a serious addiction to this song.  What a perfect mix between R&B and jazz. So soothing, so beautiful, so sexy.


  1. so many beautiful flowers! i love being surrounded by them. :)

  2. Nelah, I will take that yummy breakfast, lunch and slice of frosted cake!!! My mouth is DROOLING! Girl, I love turkey and potato salad. So YUM! The frosting on that chocolate cake looks so good. I love berries with my oatmeal too. Such beautiful flowers. Don't you love COLOR? It's so pretty going into Spring. Absolutely beautiful post! You always capture things so beautifully.


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