Thursday, March 20, 2014

Be a Bear and Eat More Salmon

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Fish is good for you (as long as they are free of Mercury...yikes!). For years we try to squeeze in Wild caught Sockeye Salmon (wild caught salmon is supposed to be better for you than farm raised based on some health experts) into our weekly meal, at least once a week. The pain of buying any fish is that you can end up with not so fresh fish. It is rather a hit or a miss for us at our grocery so we opt for frozen type and just thaw overnight in a fridge.

Salmon has a strong yet unique flavor which may take some time for some people to get used to the texture and flavor but it is so versatile and easy to make. My best bet is to sprinkle some sea salt, black pepper, fresh dill and other spices (whatever I have in my kitchen) then top off with a few slices of fresh cut lemon to add tangy flavor. For a little one, I either make Salmon fish sticks or stuff baked salmon pieces inside a puff pastry for a kid friendly meal. This meal for 3 people cost under $20 with premium ingredients and is made under 30 mins. If we were to eat out, you know it costs way more at a restaurant for seafood items.

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Baked Salmon with purple/red Thai rice and steamed broccoli  photo s7_zpsf1469083.jpg Salmon, cheese, corn wrapped in puff pastry for a little one (a healthy alternate to store bought hot pockets)


  1. Salmon is excellent for you Nelah! I make salmon croquettes all the time. However, the way you fix it is MUCH better for you. I usually like to go to a fish market instead of the grocery store for my seafood because it's fresher. LOVE your pics! Girl, I want to lick the plate. LOL

  2. I always try to get wild salmon instead of farmed too. The way you prepare it looks so delicious and healthy! I like to bake mine with a miso glaze. Your family is really lucky that you feed them so well Nelah :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. salmon is my favorite! loved the way you prepared them!

  4. Oh dear. It's 3:43am here and I'm really hungry. I didn't know that fact about wild salmon and farmed salmon. Thanx for sharing this knowledge. It is true that salmon is the easiest fish to prepare. Just a dash of all those salt, spices and herbs and throw it into the oven makes really good salmon steaks. I shall try your way of cooking with the lemon slices next time! Your meals always look so healthy yet delicious!


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