Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sign of Spring...

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We experienced an extra warm weather this past weekend. It was a good time to chill out and explore our backyard for some sign of life. Back in January (on random warm day), we decided to do fall gardening. Kind of late but we took a chance to scatter wild flower seeds and fall bulbs (double late tulips and dutch crocus). This should have been planted in early fall to guarantee success. However, mother nature made my dream come true because this year has been unusually cold for our region. These bulbs require long period of cold temperature to get them going. Perfect timing! They show up now (yay!). It is the matter of time before they grow big and start flowering, can't wait!

I was also in a mood for some pie and blackberries pie was something I had never made before. It turned out quite yummy.

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  1. Nelah, so glad they will be growing! Is our weather on meds? HaHaHa It was 70 degrees the other day. Now I have on the heat again! Your little girl is getting so big. I remember when she was a baby! Gosh! I know you're buying new clothes for her constantly. Such a cutie. I bet your pie was so good. I don't think I've ever had blackberry pie before. Hope all is well doll.

  2. How exciting that your flowers are growing. I bet the little one will have so much fun watching them grow. I've never had blackberry pie, but I make strawberry rhubarb pie every once in a while when I can find rhubarb :)

  3. it's seriously so exciting to see the first little bloom. we're going to start a container garden again this year (even though they turned out terribly last year). i love that you planted wild flowers. they are one of the prettiest!

  4. Those first blooms peeking out are beautiful! I love seeing signs of spring slowly start to pop up. It means cheery weather and lots of gorgeous, warm sunshine are on their way. I hope that blackberry pie turned out fantastic! :)

  5. The flowers looked promising and I can't wait to see it in fall =D
    I haven't tasted blackberry pies before. It is pretty hard to get great berries here in Malaysia and they cost a bomb too. Maybe when I visit America again soon, I shall look for it =D


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