Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love is a blessing

When we talk about a subject of love, most of us automatically think about romantic relationship between lovers..boyfriend/girlfriend (in modern days, male/male and female/female as well).
In reality,  love comes in many different forms and covers more than just romance between the two. The most important kind of love we all come into contact with happen very early in our lives but probably is the last thing on our list or even forgotten - Family, that is.

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Family is an important foundation in everyone's life. It helps shape who we are, the way we see and think of everything. During my teen years, friends appeared to play such a huge part (I am sure for majority of us went through the same phase, friends forever and ever). Spending time with friends or bf or gf was more fun the way we saw it. They almost seemed like our world, what would we do without them?!?

I loved my friends but never let them rise above my parents.  Not that I won the best daughter award..not that I never screwed up as a teen..not that I totally agreed to everything my parents said, but respect was important.  There were times my parents said no to me without explaining or not allowed me to do things with my friends, my feelings were hurt and I couldn't understand the reasoning behind their decisions. All I thought was it didn't make sense..they didn't want me to have fun..they sheltered me too much and so on. I never understood their intentions until I became much more mature.

At the point where I am at right now, I realize how fortunate to have parents and family that is there to lend a support, a great guidance and a shoulder to cry on. The people who accept my imperfections. Some families are broken and become very distant as time passes. It is a sad thing that a bond that was once so strong turns sour. That is not something I want to happen with me and my daughter when she grows up. Being loved is a true blessing. We often put those who love us last but try to seek and impress others who could care less. At the end, those who really stay with us through bad times often are those people who you think about last. Life is more fragile than we think. You dont want to spend all that time regretting by someone's grave stone because it is too late. Cherish what you have now...appreciate them more now and count every blessing this Valentine's.


  1. Love comes in many forms and any one is a beautiful blessing. I didn't grow up with the benefit of a big family but I'm lucky my mom was always there for me. Your daughter is very fortunate to have such a devoted mama Nelah :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. you are right nelah! friends come and go, but for the most part family always sticks with you. you have an awesome family. you're an excellent role model.

  3. it is a wonderful feeling to have supportive family. your daughter is luck to have such a loving mama as you. and i'm sure she will never forget that. :)


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